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why can't I lose weight, how come I can't lose weight, I can't lose weight, stuggling to lose weightWhat you’re about to read is going to shock you and completely change the way you look at the real reason why you are one of the millions crying to yourself, “Why can’t I lose weight ?”  There are a million different diets and workout plans available, yet we are still a nation of fat people.  We put ourselves down because we’re heavy, telling ourselves it’s because we just have no will power. Or it’s because I missed my workout and I’m a lazy slob.  Or due to the fact we ate a cookie last night at 8pm.  None of these reasons are why we can’t drop the pounds.  As a matter of fact, it’s not even your fault if you’re overweight!  There’s something WRONG with us…something VERY VERY wrong with us…

So, Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

The reason why you can’t lose weight is because you have brain damage.  I’m not kidding.  YOUR BRAIN IS DAMAGED!  Let me explain…

For years, you’ve been eating foods and associating the act with pleasure.  You know it’s true.  Hell, I LOVE TO EAT!!!  And since eating equals pleasure, we want MORE.  So we eat more.  We over eat.  And we get fat.

But why is eating such a pleasure?  Because we have trained our brains that this is true.  It’s not our stomachs or our taste buds or our hunger that drives us to over eat…it’s our brain.

Here’s what happens: You get hungry.  Your brain says, FEED ME!  So, as you are feeding yourself, the pleasure centers in your brain feed you dopamine.  THIS is why you feel such pleasure and happiness when eating.  And this is why your brain makes you overeat.

You’re really not craving cheesecake, you’re really craving dopamine.

Yeah, I know.  I’m crazy.  But if you watch the video below, you will see how eating food affects your brain.

The above video is talking about porn addiction, but the narrator also brings up and explains how food affects this part of our brain.  

So, if you are someone wondering, “How come I can’t lose weight?” it’s because of the physical changes in your brain, set up by years of eating and overeating.

  • You eat and feel pleasure from a hit of dopamine.
  • You start to crave that hit of “D” again, so you eat more, again and again.
  • Your brain actually physically changes to allow easy dopamine access via these neural pathways.
  • By doing so, your brain has set up these “pathways of pleasure” from your eating experiences.
  • You’re now addicted to over eating, thanks to the changes in your brain.

why can't I lose weight, how come I can't lose weight, I can't lose weight, stuggling to lose weightWhat am I getting at?  Over-eating and being overweight has nothing to do with your “willpower” or your “lack of exercise” or because you’re a “fat loser.”  This is CRUCIAL for you to understand.  You almost have no control over your food actions since your brain has changed and SET YOU UP TO OVER EAT.  So, let go of the guilt, the depression, the disappointment, the shame, the BULLSH*T.

Your brain is messed up.  This is why so many think, “I can’t lose weight.”  The good news is, your brain is able to change and heal.  Remember, I said “almost no control.”  You can “regrow the grass” over these over eating pathways to pleasure by changing your habits.  Here’s how.

 If You Are Stuggling To Lose Weight, Here’s What You Should Do To Heal Your Brain

1.  Be Positive!  

This is your number one priority.  Get it into your head that YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT!  It’s just going to take a little time.  Or a lot of time.  Either way, you’re going to drop the pounds.  IT WILL HAPPEN!

2.  Get A Plan!

You are going to have to eat less.  You need to get in the habit of feeling good by eating less food.  How are you going to do this?  You can follow the Half Meal Habit.  You can try another diet.  You can come up with your own plan.  Just make sure this plan has you eating less and NOT restricting what you eat!  There are too many reasons to post why restrictive and specific diet plans end up failing you over time (just browse my posts or read the HMH ebook).  You need to eat less calories than you’re burning, period.  Find that plan, and move on to step 3.

3.  Get Mental!

Dieting or eating less is not your top or second or third step.  It’s getting what you need to do ingrained into your brain.   You are changing your lifestyle and your habits.  You are going to do things differently from this moment on (Thanks, Shania), and you’re going to go into “What the hell am I doing again?” mode.  If you get to this point, you will fall back into your old habits–we do not want that.  So, write it out and read your plan every day.  Until you got it…and then some.  OBSESS for a while…it’s okay.

Ingrain Your Brain With Your Plan Until It’s Plain.  Okay, it’s a crappy saying, but it’s what you gotta do!

4.  Get Busy!

Now that you have your plan in place and it’s tattooed on your cerebrum, you need to simply start to follow it.  Be mindful.  Before putting anything in your mouth, THINK:  “Is this helping me or hurting me?”  If you’re following the Half Meal Habit, think, “Is it time for my snack or meal or should I wait an hour?”

Follow your plan as strictly as possible, but don’t beat yourself up if you fail.  You can always continue with your journey at your very next meal!

If you’re working out, remember it’s better to be more consistent than intense.  In other words, it’s better to workout 20 minutes 5 days a week than 1 full hour 2 times a week.  STEADY wins this blasted confounded race.

Half Meal Habit Amazing Diet

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Change Your Brain and Lose The Weight

Remember, every time you eat a little less and feel good about it, you are one step closer to healing your brain.  Those old overeating “pathways to pleasure” will become rough terrain, covered with trees and shrubs.  Your brain will search out other ways to feed you dopamine.  Maybe through exercise.  Maybe from eating a delicious spinach salad.  You’re no longer wondering, “Why can’t I lose weight?”  You just ARE.

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