Mar 172012

Following the Half Meal Habit has been an awesome success for many people.  They are losing 1 to 2 pounds per week and I couldn’t be happier!  Although the diet and workout plan is one of the easiest, if not THE easiest plan in the world, there are still some speed bumps Half Meal Habiteers are running into.  Or over.  I don’t like speed bumps.   They hurt my spine and stuff.

I’ve put together a video to go over a few of these little pitfalls that some of my Half Meal Habit clients have sent to me.  Hopefully, these help you continue your journey to weight loss success.

These awesome weight loss tips will have you dropping pounds soon enough.  Here are the three I talk about in the video.

Quick Weight Loss Tips: Order the sandwich only!

If you’re in a pinch and have to go through a drive-thru, ordering just the sandwich (whatever it is) is a great way to eat a half meal without having to cut everything in half!  I recently visited the golden arches and instead of my usual Big Mac, I got a grilled chicken sandwich.  Look at me being healthy, lol!  It is about 340 calories by itself and worked out great as my lunch!  Even if I got a Big Mac, it’s still only 540 calories if I ate the whole thing.  So getting just the sandwich is a great way to keep your meal–your half-meal–small.

weight loss tips, quick weight loss tips, weight loss tips for women, fast weight loss tips, easy weight loss tipsFast Weight Loss Tips For Workouts: Do pull ups under your dining room table!

Here’s a cool trick if you don’t have a pull up bar, dip station, or some other means of hitting your lats with some workout juice.  Get under the dining room table and do your reverse push ups from there!  I show you in the video exactly what I’m talking about so be sure to watch it.  You can even adjust the difficulty by how far out you place your heels.  You can even put your feet up on a chair to make it even more challenging.

 weight loss tips, quick weight loss tips, weight loss tips for women, fast weight loss tips, easy weight loss tipsWeight Loss Tips for hydrating

I am constantly forgetting to drink my glass of water before each meal (heel of palm smacking against forehead).  My recommendation is, when you realize you’ve forgotten to hydrate before your meal, do it the MOMENT you remember that you forgot!  So, if you’re mid-bite and remember, finish that bite, put the fork down, and down a glass of water.  Even if you just finished your meal, polish it off with a glass.  It’s important to get that H2o in your system along with your food, better if you remember to do it right before.

So there are your 3 tips for making your Half Meal Habit ride a lot smoother.  If you find any other challenges that need addressing, I’d be happy to share my experiences and fixes for your follies.  And remember, it’s not about how many calories in a day you eat, it’s all about eating half!



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