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Quick Easy Weight Loss Tips

If you’re looking for some easy weight loss tips, none are easier than those found in the Half Meal Habit.  Besides the ones found in the book, I also want to share a few tips here that can add to and enhance your experience as you succeed in eating less, moving more, and hydrating your way to an incredible new body!

Easy weight loss tips for women

Ladies, if you’re trying to avoid those tempting sweets like chocolate, sugar, candy, and more, here’s an easy tip to help you.  As you know, as you implement the Half Meal Habit, you are learning how to feel full and satisfied on less food.  You will eat your half of a meal, then patiently wait for the satisfied feeling to creep in, thereby taking off that “edge” that makes you overeat.  Well, the same goes for desserts and sweets!  I like to keep a little chocolate bar ready just in case I get an overwhelming urge to eat a package of Hostess cupcakes!  I know, gross, but I’m a guy and we’re okay with not eating a Sprinkles cupcake.  All I do is break off a square (dark chocolate is my fav!), eat it, then play that waiting game.  Obviously it works great or I wouldn’t be sharing it with you.

Easy weight loss tips for teenage girls

The biggest issue with teenage girls and boys is the overbearing parents harping on them to EAT HEALTHY!  Of course, many parents say this as they order them a cheeseburger.  As you know, it doesn’t matter what you eat with the Half Meal Habit.  It would be awesome if teenagers and kids chose to eat broccoli, salads (without 4 gallons of Ranch dressing), and grilled boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  Problem is, their friends aren’t eating that stuff so they aren’t going to either.  This is why it’s important to teach them this “portion control” type of habit while they are young, especially if they are carrying around a few extra pounds.

Another of these great quick and easy weight loss tips is the Half Meal Habit Snack-Attack.  If you’re craving chips like I always am, the WORST Thing you can do is eat straight out of the bag.  Take a handful or two and put them on a small plate or in a bowl.  Wrap up the bag and put it away–and forget about it!  don’t go back for seconds.  Just enjoy what is on your plate and then toss the plate away or drop it in the dishwasher.

One more fast and easy weight loss tip

Since the Half Meal Habit book is full of fast and easy weight loss tips, it isn’t all about following “tips.”  It’s about eating completely differently from how you are now, and I don’t mean WHAT you’re eating either.  As a matter of fact, the Half Meal Habit recommends you start this new plan eating exactly what you always eat…you’ll just eat less.  Since I’m an old pro at this, I wanted to share with you what just happened with my lunch.

I went to get my FREE 2 item combo from Pick Up Stix Express (FREE!  My favorite price!).  It was a pretty decent serving size for a lunch and I could have eaten the entire plateful.  Most people do, from what I witnessed.  BUT NOT ME!  I’m a Half Meal Habit Guru!  Check it out:

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A Full Plate...I Ate Half...Now I'm Full!

Now, I always recommend that if you’re just starting out, you should not tempt fate by eating half of a meal off of a full plate.  I recommend always putting half of your food away, THEN tucking in to your meal.  I just happen to have the practice and willpower to save that other half of lunch staring at me.  Calling to me.  Begging me to jam it into my gullet.  RESIST!!!  Whew…even I struggle as you can see!  So, the last big tip is get your to-go box when you get your food!  Put half away and enjoy what you’ve got left.

I hope you find these easy tips for weight loss helpful as you start your journey with the Half Meal Habit!



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