May 092013
How To Have Healthy Eating Habits On A Budget

  Healthy Eating:  Will It Help Me Lose Weight? As the creator and most adamant user of the Half Meal Habit eating plan, I am constantly saying it’s not about WHAT you eat but more about HOW MUCH you eat.  One of the main reasons why I used to fail at eating healthy AND losing weight was the fact that eating healthy was such work!  Being so busy and not having time to really focus on buying the best foods let alone prepare healthy meals always led me to hit a drive-thru, make a microwave dinner, or simply eat whatever was around [Continue Reading…]

Nov 082012
How Many Calories Can I Eat Or Consume To Lose Weight? Should I Be Eating At All?

Yes, you should be eating.  Frequently.  More frequently than you are now.  And it should be the foods you love.  How many calories should I eat to lose weight? If you are asking this question, I have some great news for you.  You are on the right track!  There are tons of people who focus more on what they are eating, when they should be more focused on how much they are eating. Am I eating the wrong kinds of calories? So many of us are frustrated and tired of trying to lose weight. Many of us wrongly question the kind of foods we’re [Continue Reading…]

Aug 082012
What Is The Best Workout To Lose Weight?

The best workout to lose weight If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried everything.  From running and the elliptical to lifting weights and yoga.  Unfortunately, the pounds just won’t come off!  The thing is, we are all searching for the  best workout to lose weight fast  and the answer has very little to do with your workout!  There are four main reasons why this is happening to you and if you simply tweak your workouts and your attitude, you will start to see some amazing results.  Here’s why you’ve been failing. 1.  Not Consistent I am constantly falling victim [Continue Reading…]

Aug 072012
How Many Calories Should I Eat In A Day Per Day?

How many calories should I eat in a day? The above is the big question so many “dieters” ask.  The truth is, it is different for each person.  And the other truth is, to figure that out exactly will take you some time, effort, and quite possibly a group of physicists and mathematicians. Trust me, I tried to calculate this number based on body weight, or BMI, activity levels, workout routines, and so on and so on.  I came up with the number–or so I thought–then I got busy with work, had to cut out some work out times, and [Continue Reading…]

Apr 252012
How To Eat More Often To Weigh Less And Live Longer

You may have heard that the best way to lose weight is to simply eat less.  Easier said than done, right?  Not according to the Half Meal Habit.  We teach you how you can painlessly cut your meals in half, eat all day, and never go hungry.  You’ll drop about 400 to 800 calories from your diet every day. How to eat less So, how many calories to lose weight should you consume?  We are always told we need to cut calories, but that is hard to do.  We start tons of research, taking notes, keeping a journal, and on and on, [Continue Reading…]

Apr 042012
Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat for Abs And Over All Weight Loss

What is the best exercise to lose weight? This is a question asked over and over again and there are many who are willing to answer it for you.  They have DVD’s, workout tapes, exercise plans, and more.  They tell you that they have the best exercise plan around, bring out the “before and after” pictures, and convince you that, yes, their way is THE way.  But in the end, it turns out that their way doesn’t work for you, you get frustrated, and stop the workout plan.  The truth is, they are all lying to you.  Well, that’s a little, harsh.  They [Continue Reading…]

Mar 192012
Push Ups Types You Can Do Every Day, Benefits, and 100 Pushups Wall Moves

Can you do push ups?  If not, don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  Look at that guy over there with the tiny arms.  I’m sure you’re not that bad off! Still, I’ve been getting emails that many of you are struggling to do the lowly ol’ push up.  There’s no reason why you can’t do push ups no matter what shape you’re in.  I repeat: Everyone can do push ups no matter what shape you’re in! 100 Push Ups A Day? You don’t have to be one of these maniacs who can do 100 push ups in a single rotation.  You just need to [Continue Reading…]

Mar 172012
Weight Loss Tips For Quick And Easy Success And Making The Half Meal Habit Even Better

Following the Half Meal Habit has been an awesome success for many people.  They are losing 1 to 2 pounds per week and I couldn’t be happier!  Although the diet and workout plan is one of the easiest, if not THE easiest plan in the world, there are still some speed bumps Half Meal Habiteers are running into.  Or over.  I don’t like speed bumps.   They hurt my spine and stuff. I’ve put together a video to go over a few of these little pitfalls that some of my Half Meal Habit clients have sent to me.  Hopefully, these [Continue Reading…]

Mar 062012
High Intensity Interval Training Exercises, Workouts, and Routines That Work!

Looking for the ultimate workout in the least amount of time?  Me too!  And I found it!  It’s called… high intensity interval training. It’s intense and taxing so it’s not for everybody–or is it? Below is a cool little picture breakdown of why high intensity interval training workouts are the best for losing weight, building lean muscle, and making your heart healthy in the shortest amount of time.  Not as cool as the picture of the skinny piggie, but still.  For now, just know that when they say it isn’t for everybody, they aren’t taking into consideration a little act called “modification!” [Continue Reading…]

Feb 292012
Are The Food Network Recipes Of Paula Deen Making You Fat? Why Add Furniture and Cookware?

Southern style cookin’ boy!  Yippy, yip-yip, yum-cha!  One of the best proponents of this type of cooking is good ol’ Paula Deen herself.  She loves to dish out the latest when it comes to high fat, high carb, supposedly bad for you meals.  She was recently diagnosed with diabetes, so this just proves that her recipes are bad for you, right?  My question is, are you sure?  Are the Paula Deen recipes really to blame for her heaviness and health problems?  Most would say yes.  We here at the Half Meal Habit are not most people so, we will beg to differ.  Actually, we [Continue Reading…]