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How to burn belly fat

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Too Long, Too Hard, Too Complicated…Too MUCH!

You need an exercise plan that you can stick with for the next 20 years!

You don’t have to: 
…eat the perfect foods.
…work out an hour per day, 6 days a week.
…cut out all carbs.
…eliminate sugar.
…count calories.
…do an hour of cardio every other day.
…eat a low fat diet.
…avoid pasta.
…eat up all your “points” by noon and starve yourself the rest of the day.
…eat like a Caveman, South Beacher, Mediterranean, or a Bird.
…eat only vegetables, fruit, and protein.
…skip lunches out because restaurant food is fattening.
…eat a salad with lemon juice as the dressing.
…avoid anything “white.”
…eat so little that you starve yourself.
…watch in envy as you eat your diet food and everyone else has a cheeseburger.
…focus on your weight so much.
…be depressed and frustrated because you can’t lose weight.

All you HAVE to do is educate yourself and learn how to:
…eat less be eating half meals.
…work out the right way, 10 to 15 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week.
…hydrate by drinking water at the right times.

That’s it. Knowledge is power. Couple that with discipline, and you will succeed.

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I show you in the Half Meal Habit.

How to burn off belly fat!

Jelly belly!  Do you have one?  I used to…as you can see from the picture above.  My stomach fat was and still is my main concern.  Overall, I have been lucky not to add extra weight on any other parts of my body, so focusing on my middle was where I put all of my energies.  Core work, sit ups, crunches were my life.  It turns out I was wasting my time.

I discovered the true answer while trying to learn how many calories do I need to lose weight.  Dropping waist fat is all about your food intake and learning how to eat less calories than you burn!  That is the bottom line.

Once I had the food part handled, I then wanted to learn how to increase my fat loss so I could start to see rapid results with losing fat around my middle.  The answer wasn’t 4 hours of cardio or doing a million crunches.  It had to do with the right balance of cardiovascular exercise and weight resistance training.

Enter High Intensity Interval Training.

You can spend some time looking this style of workout online.  I also talk extensively about it in the Half Meal Habit ebook.  And doing these short intense workouts are far better than the typical long workouts most people think they need.  It’s also better than surgery!

How to burn lower belly fat.

Regardless of where you need to lose the fat around your middle, you simply can not spot burn or spot lose fat. There’s only one way to remove fat from a specific area and that is called liposuction…yuck.

What’s scary about lipo is fat cells are vacuumed out of your body.  We need these fat cells, so guess what happens?  Your body puts them back right where they were taken.  If you over eat again, your fat cells will grow and your lipo surgery was a waste of money.

The best way to get rid of lower body fat is to lose weight overall.  As your body comes into balance, you will start to have the shape you want.  When you add these HIIT workouts to your life, you start to build lean muscle.  That lean muscle starts to show more through the shrinking fat layers and you start to look cut.

So, if you are looking for how to burn stubborn belly fat off of your body, the best way is to cut those calories like I teach over at the eat less page where I talk about how many calories needed to lose weight (it’s an eye-opener!).  Adding the workouts recommended here will start to change the muscular tone of your body and BAM!  You’re what we call, “HOT!”



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