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Weight Loss Motivation

This affected me today:

(Warning: Adult Language…although used properly and powerfully)

motivational quotes, inspirational quotes

I am now in a place where I don’t have to lose any more weight to look thin.  But I was THERE and I know how much it SUCKS.  I know how hard it is.  I know you’re making some HARD CHANGES and trying to break old bad habits.

And I couldn’t be more proud or more inspired by you!

If you’re just starting off on a weight loss journey, struggling to press on, or simply thinking, “Why even bother?”, this post is for you.

Motivational Quotes For Weight Loss

If you’ve got a copy of the Half Meal Habit eating and exercise plan…

If you’ve read it and are going to start following it…

If you’ve already started it and are wondering if it works, if it’s worth it, if you should continue to even try…

If you’ve been “dieting” and “working out” for weeks and are barely seeing any results…

If you’re getting frustrated and are about to just give it and go back to “life as usual…”

Stop.  Understand this: That is not YOU anymore.

You used to overeat.  You used to refill your plate.   You used to drink sugary sodas instead of water.  You used to sit on your ass all day and not take 12 minutes to work out.  That is not YOU anymore.

The moment you educated yourself with the Half Meal Habit or any other informational product on “diet” and “exercise” is the moment you became SMARTER about food.

You know this will work….It just takes time.

inspirational quotes, motivational quotes

“This diet or exercise plan isn’t working.  I’m wasting my time!”

The biggest struggle I had was being patient and not seeing results immediately.  We live in an age where we expect to “get ripped in 60 days!”  Although this is possible, it is NOT the norm.  So understand that YOU WILL SUCCEED!  It’s just going to take time and patience.

motivational quotes, inspirational quotes

“I blew my diet, I didn’t work out, I had 4 beers, I QUIT.”

I FAIL ALL THE TIME.  But since you now have patience, you know that you can’t lose a bunch of weight in a day, so therefore, you can’t GAIN a bunch of weight in one day!  If you mess up, don’t feel down or depressed about it. Dust yourself off and try again.  NOT TOMORROW EITHER!!! Try again with your very next meal.  Try again with your next DECISION.  You might even have two bad meals for two days in a row.  Just try not to have two bad meals twice in a row in a day.

The main point is this:  You will miss a workout because you’re tired or lazy or simply too busy.  Hell, I’m procrastinating on my workout right now by writing this!  But, dammit, I WILL work out as soon as I hit “publish!”

Now, read this picture and feel better about yourself so you can just KEEP GOING!

motivational quotes, inspirational quotes

“I keep giving up and I’m not motivated to really follow a plan or work out.”

Again, it’s all about choice.  We all want instant gratification but that isn’t how it works.  YOU KNOW THIS.

Making the best choices possible more often than not is all it takes!  

Yes, the more you mess up the longer it will take to drop the pounds, but if you continue to TRY you will SUCCEED!

Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
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“I just don’t feel like it.  Over eating and not exercising is (fill in the blank).”

Why are you eating so much?  Why are you not exercising today?  Let’s have some fun with this sentence and see how stupid our brain sounds when we make these choices:

  • Over eating and not exercising is GREAT.  
  • Over eating and not exercising is GOOD FOR ME.  
  • Over eating and not exercising is THE BEST CHOICE.  
  • Over eating and not exercising is THE NORM.  
  • Over eating and not exercising is HOW EVERYONE SHOULD LIVE THEIR LIVES.  

Do you see how dumb we sound when we verbalize our choice to overeat and not exercise?

Now switch out “overeating and not exercising is” with “eating less and working out is” and tell me…doesn’t that sound more logical?  Come on, Spock!  You know it does!

  • Eating less and working out is GREAT.
  • Eating less and working out is GOOD FOR ME.
  • Eating less and working out is THE BEST CHOICE.
  • Eating less and working out is THE NORM.
  • Eating less and working out is HOW EVERYONE SHOULD LIVE THEIR LIVES.



“This is taking too long!  I need to lose weight by the summer/the fall/Christmas/Monday.”

Places Worth Going

“I can’t break my old habits!  I love eating!  I love eating a lot!  I love eating a lot of food a lot!”

motivational quotes, inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes and posters may help but you know it all comes from your own choices.

And as you start to see success in yourself (which motivates you even more!), or if you’ve lost all the weight you want, remember that place you were not too terribly long ago.  Remember the frustration and heart ache and PAIN you were in.  Remember the struggle to get started, the struggle to keep going, and the battle you fought WITHIN YOURSELF to get to where you are.  And remember that Facebook post from the beginning of this article.

motivational quotes, inspirational quotes

Half Meal Habit followers…YOU F*$&ING ROCK.

motivational quotes, inspirational quotes






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