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I want to know how to lose weightYou are perched on a…perch of some kind, glaring at the sky and screaming this at the top of your lungs, I want to know how to lose weight!!!”  You’re showing signs of frustration because there’s so much misinformation online (which is where you’ve been looking, right?).  Or you find what you think is a solution but it turns out to be “a frustration” instead.  In other words, you try it and it doesn’t really work.  You’re one of MILLIONS of overweight people trying your darnedest to go from  “I want to know how to lose weight fast” to “I KNOW how to lose weight fast!”   It’s time you learn the truth about diets and what you’re really being taught about eating by these so-called “experts–and how it’s wrong, destructive, debilitating, and unscrupulous. Those…bastards.  

I want to learn how to lose weight


I want to lose weight, I try diets, maybe lose a little, then I gain it all back.  Why?”

Because it’s EXACTLY what these diet book hawkers want you to do.  This way, they can come up with another “plan” to sell you; some cockamamie random plan with bizarre restrictions, special foods, and impossible rules.  You’re convinced, This is IT!  Finally!” then you get into the diet.  Maybe it’s going good for a while.  Then, there’s a work function at Hometown Buffet.  They either don’t have the food you HAVE TO EAT or, if they do, it’s sitting right in between the mac & cheese and the brownies.  

“Yeah, I’m just gonna have this lettuce instead.”

Good luck with that.  Anyway, you end up failing and then you move on to the next great diet plan.  Enough of this.  It’s time you know the truth about diets and really learn how to drop the pounds.

I want to learn how to lose weight fast, so…what’s the answer?

The answer is extremely simple:  You’re eating too much.  

I’m kidding, right?  No, I’m serious.  That is the ONLY reason why you’re struggling to lose weight or to keep it off.  It has NOTHING to do with what you’re eating and everything to do with HOW MUCH you’re eating.  

All you need to do is learn how to eat less.  Period.  Get your body used to eating fewer calories per day and you will start to lose weight.  Eat whatever you want, just eat less of it.  This is exactly what the Half Meal Habit teaches and it is the lynch-pin to every single diet plan ever invented.  “EAT ONLY MEAT!”  What are you, insane?  “Don’t eat white carbs!”  But I LOVE white carbs!  Gimmie a bagel with cream cheese and I’m going to eat it and enjoy it.  The key is I’m only going to eat half of that bagel and I’ll eat the other half in a couple hours.

This is your “diet.” This is your plan.  Eat what you love, just eat half now and eat the other half later.  It’s so simple ANYONE can do it.  And it will change your life.

I want to know how to lose weightMotivated to Make The Right Choice

This does not mean what you’ve heard so many times before.  Making the right choice does not mean choosing a carrot instead of a piece of pizza!  Making the right choice refers to how much you choose to put on your plate.  

 Speaking of pizza, recently, there was a story about a guy who only ate pizza for over 25 years and stayed relatively thin.  Not only that, his latest checkup showed he was doing extremely well health-wise.  I don’t recommend you follow the “Pizza Fo’ Life, Yo!” diet plan.  Heck, it sounds incredibly BORING to me as I LOVE so many different types of food.  It’s just another good lesson in the Half Meal Habit mantra, which is it doesn’t matter what you eat, but how much you eat.  

As I said, don’t eat the same food over and over.  I think that’s kind of crazy.  I also think a body functions better when it’s receiving it’s nutrition from a variety of sources.  And I also think making smart food selections (not CHOICES! Do ya hear me?!?!) is a good habit to get into.  I love tucking in to a good salad once in a while.  Give me that skinless grilled chicken breast sandwich on a whole wheat bun.  A thin crust high fiber pizza with olive oil, light cheese, black olives, garlic, and sun dried tomatoes?  Yum!  But good ol’ cheese and pepperoni suits me just fine, too.  But not 5 pieces!  One, maybe two, and I’m full.  

Patience and Consistency 

I hate it but it’s true.  Everybody comes at diets with the “I want to lose weight fast” mentality, but it’s the wrong attitude.  When you start to train your stomach to accept a half-meal as a whole meal, it will “learn.”  Soon, VERY soon, a half meal will fill you up.  Eventually, you will try to binge on a whole pepperoni pizza only to FAIL because you’re stomach is triggering you to STOP because after piece #2 you’re STUFFED.

I want to know how to lose weight fastWow, right?

Once you start following the Half Meal Habit, you are eventually going to start failing at overeating.  How awesome will that be?  The moment you say, “No thanks, I’m actually full!” instead of “No thanks, it against the rules of my diet…I WANT  IT but no, I better not.”  If you are consistent with eating half meals, over time, your body will shed the extra weight.  But it does take time.  And understand that slow steady weight loss is better than rapid fat loss because there’s a much lower chance you’ll gain it all back.  

Oh, you will fail and overeat once in a while.  You’ll eat that entire meal one day.  But if you get right back into the habit the next, you’ll be okay.  You will be right back to cutting 500 to 1000 calories per day by eating these small meals.

Tell those other “diets” to shove off.  The “choice” is HOW MUCH to eat not WHAT to eat.  Soon, your days of overeating and adding weight to your body will be gone.  And when that day comes, it will be glorious.  

Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
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