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I Hope They Are Buying Some Produce…


Healthy Eating:  Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

As the creator and most adamant user of the Half Meal Habit eating plan, I am constantly saying it’s not about WHAT you eat but more about HOW MUCH you eat.  One of the main reasons why I used to fail at eating healthy AND losing weight was the fact that eating healthy was such work!  Being so busy and not having time to really focus on buying the best foods let alone prepare healthy meals always led me to hit a drive-thru, make a microwave dinner, or simply eat whatever was around be it chips, candy bars, and cheese.  I always had cheese around!

This is what led me to create the Half Meal Habit eating plan.  After much research, I discovered that even if you don’t eat healthy, you can still lose weight.  Still, there’s no reason why you can’t start to learn how to eat healthy, as Dr. Steve Brule would say, “for your health.”

How To Eat Healthy

There are a ton of diets out there that are geared toward losing weight, and not necessarily toward being healthy.  Let’s start with the most unhealthy diet plan you could ever follow:  Eating too much of everything!

Yes, this is silly, but THIS is the main cause of obesity in the world.  It’s the diet plan most of us are currently following.  We overindulge and we gain a lot of weight because of it.  We stretch our stomachs to the limit and need to eat a lot to get that satisfying feeling of being full.  This is why the Half Meal Habit works so well.  Your stomach shrinks, you feel full on a lot less food…and you lose weight.

Next, we make the mistake of trying to have healthy eating habits so we change our diets to lean protein and veggies, fruit, salads, very little carbs, and so on.  Problem is, we are used to fatty foods, burgers, fries, pancakes, and sodas.  Understand that if you try to make this switch, you will not feel satisfied and you will fail.  In other words, don’t try to eat healthy and less at the same time.

Healthy Eating Habits

I know, I’m telling you to NOT eat healthy, but there’s a reason.  You need to reduce the amount of food going in and the only way to do this reasonably is to cut back on your portion sizes.  If you’re eating small portions of healthy foods, trust me, you’re going to be STARVING…and that leads to binge eating.   On the other hand, if you’re having small portions of your favorite foods, you will have a much easier time getting used to small (which are actually NORMAL sized) portions.  This is what the HMH does in the most painless and least complicated way.

Start with learning how to eat less then move on from there.  Only when you’re used to eating smaller meals and you’re dropping the pounds is the time to start learning how to eat BETTER.

If you’re having a tough time eating healthy on a budget, just know that when you’re eating less you’re also buying less!  So, feel free to spend a little more on the healthy foods because it will go a lot further for you.  In the end, following the Half Meal Habit saves you money.  Read the book and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Finally, here is an amazing info-graphic that will help you transition from simply following the Half Meal Habit to eating healthier foods, too.  If you’ve plateaued with the HMH, this will certainly kick you up a notch!

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