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how many calories should i eat to lose weight, how many calories can i eat to lose weight, how many calories should i consume to lose weight, how many calories do i eat to lose weightYes, you should be eating.  Frequently.  More frequently than you are now.  And it should be the foods you love. 

How many calories should I eat to lose weight?

If you are asking this question, I have some great news for you.  You are on the right track!  There are tons of people who focus more on what they are eating, when they should be more focused on how much they are eating.

Am I eating the wrong kinds of calories?

So many of us are frustrated and tired of trying to lose weight. Many of us wrongly question the kind of foods we’re eating.  Sure, eating healthy is great and much better for you.  And one day, I hope those of you reading this will start to make better food choices.  But, right now, the bottom line is, we are eating too much.

Quit trying to eat tons of veggies, unless you really love to eat veggies and they satisfy your appetite.  If not, you will eat all those veggies…and then some chips…and then some chocolate…and so on and so on.  Eating foods that you don’t like but are healthy may get you to lose weight for a while, but you need to understand that, one day, you will be going right back to the foods you love.  You’ll regain all the weight you lost and it will be even harder to lose the next time.

Don’t worry about eating the right foods right now.  Worry about eating the right amounts of the foods you love.

Should I use a formula to determine the calories I should be eating?

We constantly ask ourselves how many calories should I consume to lose weight?  What is that “magic formula?”  There is a formula, and it involves counting every single calorie that goes in, tabulating how active you are and how many calories you’ve burned, try to be in a negative caloric intake, preferably by minus 3500 calories, and then do it all again next week.

I now need to go take a nap.

When I tried to determine how many calories do I eat to lose weight, I struggled with keeping a food log.  I forgot to add foods.  I started to see my calories adding up way too fast, then starving myself because I couldn’t eat after 2pm.  So many negatives.  It turns out there’s an easy way to cut calories (which is the most important part of losing weight) without “dieting.”

By eating half meals you cut a lot of calories out of your diet.  How?  I’ll show you.

Normal meal eater:  Breakfast 400, lunch 800 dinner 800, snacks in between 600 = 2600 calories.

Half Meal Habit eater: Breakfast 400, snack 300, lunch 400, snack 400, dinner 500 = 2000 calories.

You ate more often and you saved yourself 600 calories.


How many calories can I eat to lose weight?

You’re allowed to eat half.  That’s what the Half Meal Habit is all about.  Eat less than you’re currently eating.  Following this plan will cut about 500 to 1000 calories off of your current diet, if you’re eating like a normal hungry type of person.

You don’t have to restrict, delete, starve, workout to death, or rearrange your life.  All you have to do is eat less (half meals), move more (HIIT workouts), and hydrate (drink water at the right times).  Change your lifelong eating habits easily and quickly and watch yourself lose about 1 to 3 pounds per week.

how many calories should i eat to lose weight, how many calories can i eat to lose weight, how many calories should i consume to lose weight, how many calories do i eat to lose weight

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