Mar 062012
high intensity interval training, high intensity interval training  exercises, high intensity interval training workouts

If I can do it, so can you!

Looking for the ultimate workout in the least amount of time?  Me too!  And I found it!  It’s called…

high intensity interval training.

It’s intense and taxing so it’s not for everybody–or is it?

Below is a cool little picture breakdown of why high intensity interval training workouts are the best for losing weight, building lean muscle, and making your heart healthy in the shortest amount of time.  Not as cool as the picture of the skinny piggie, but still.  For now, just know that when they say it isn’t for everybody, they aren’t taking into consideration a little act called “modification!”

Even if you modify your workouts, as long as you’re doing intervals you will have a great impact on your weight loss.  This is how to burn off belly fat fast and effectively.

high intensity interval training exercises

There’s no reason why you can’t perform high intensity interval training exercises and modify them so you can do them.  If you can’t do jump tucks, do a squat jump (and jump about a millimeter in the air) then forcefully raise your left knee then your right knee.  You will get almost the same effect without the high intensity battering of your body.  Making it more intense is how to burn belly fat.

I’ve put together a few high intensity interval training routines for you to consider.  After reading through the following info, be sure to watch my basic workouts to get an idea of how easy this workout program can be!  It’s a big part of the Half Meal Habit, so be sure you learn all about it!

high intensity interval training, high intensity interval training workouts, high intensity interval training routines, high intensity interval training exercises


high intensity interval training routines



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