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broken scale, scale frustrationLet’s just cut to the chase, friends.  You are fat because you eat way too many calories.  Stop eating so many calories. So, if you’re asking, “How can I get skinny fast?” you now have your answer.

Now, I could end this article here, but you probably have a lot of questions…you know, a lot of “buts.”  So lets dispel some of these “buts” so you can get past the excuses and get you on your way to getting skinny and hopefully on your way to shrinking all of your “butts!”



But #1: But I Don’t Eat A Lot Of Calories!

There’s a good chance you’re not being honest with yourself.  If you say, “I don’t eat a lot but I’m still not skinny!” you’re not paying close enough attention.  You are most likely still consuming too many calories.  Now, if you’re familiar with the Half Meal Habit, you know that we are completely against counting calories.  There’s a ton of reasons why this may backfire and actually contribute to you not losing weight, so we are not recommending that you start counting calories for the rest of your life…(now here’s a but of my own) but if you have the time and energy, try counting your caloric intake just for one or two days.  I can almost guarantee you it’s waaaaaay higher than you think!

But #1 Solution:  Start Eating Less Calories!

One of the best ways to cut back on your caloric intake is to follow the Half Meal Habit plan.  It’s simple and I’ll give you a quick rundown.  First, eat a normal sized breakfast.  Second, have a small snack in between breakfast and lunch.  Third, when you eat your lunch ONLY EAT HALF. Fourth, eat the other half of your lunch midway between lunch and dinner.  And fifth, have a small, sensible dinner or only eat half of your dinner.

It’s that simple. Oh, there’s a lot more detail and motivational information in the book, but this should give you a great start to cutting down your calories.  I’ll demonstrate with a comparison to how you’re probably eating now vs. how it will look following the HMH.

Normal Eater: Breakfast 500, Snack 300, Lunch 1000, Snack 300, Dinner 1000 = 3100 calories total.

Half Meal Habit Eater:  Breakfast 500, Snack 300, Lunch 500, Snack 500, Dinner 500 = 2300 calories total.

That’s an 800 calorie difference, simply by cutting two meals in half!  If you were able to eat like this, you would lose about 1.5 pounds per week.

hungry stomach, always hungryBut #2: But I’ll Feel Too Hungry Eating Less Calories!

True, you might.  But there’s this thing called “overeating” that you–and frequently, I–do sometimes.  And sometimes we do this a few times a week. Or even once a day!  We stuff ourselves full of food (trust me, it’s natural) because it feels good, makes us happy–but it’s also making us fat.  It’s the stretching of your stomach that is the CAUSE of you having to eat so much to get full.  And when you try to eat less, you don’t feel satisfied, you still feel really hungry, and you continue to shovel…the…food…into…your……..mouth.

I know, I’ve been there, and it SUCKS.  But there’s a way to beat this thing.

But #2 Solution: Shrink Your Stomach To Feel Fuller On Less Food!

Another huge benefit to eating these smaller meals is your stomach will lose some elasticity making your body trigger that you’re full on less food.  When you first start eating less food on the Half Meal Habit, you will feel hungry, bu this goes away fast.

Also, you’re eating more frequently than you normally do.  The example shows the normal eater consuming two snacks throughout the day, but usually, we are over-stuffing our gullet at our meals because we don’t have time to stop for a snack. Well, with the Half Meal Habit, you’ll need to make time. it will be worth it. You won’t feel hungry in between, you’ll feel fuller on these smaller meals, and you will start to get skinnier!

Workout meme, restaurant memeBut #3: But I Work Out A Lot, So It’s Okay To Over Eat!

If you are an exercise maniac, but you are still not skinny, there’s something missing in this equation, right? There has to be! And, if you’re honest with yourself, you know what that is…you’re still consuming too many calories.  The truth is, if you work out a lot, you are probably dehydrated more than you are actually in need of additional calories.

If you work out a lot and are not dropping the pounds, another issue might be the kind of work out you’re doing.  You might not be challenging your body enough to make an impact and bring about the change you’re looking for.  If it is an exercise program you love, and you’ll do it for a long time and you don’t want to switch it up, there is an answer.

But #3 Solution: Keep Working Out, Drink More Water, And Follow the Half Meal Habit

It’s great that you have a work out regimen that you like and can stick with.  So, keep it up!  Start to drop your caloric intake with the Half meal Habit and then DRINK MORE WATER!  We recommend drinking a full glass before each meal and each snack.  Of course, drink plenty of h2o while you’re working out.  And why not gulp down a full glass first thing in the morning when you wake up?  I do!

I guarantee you’ll feel less hungry if you up your water intake as significantly as the Half Meal Habit recommends.  Enjoy your workout, your half meals, and your water and you are on your way to getting skinny fast!

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Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
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