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  1. Hi Jim

    I would like to have your diet book but I don’t know how to buy using PayPal please advice me with other means so that I can get your book and start immediately .


  2. Hi, I am unable to make payment using paypal. Can you please send me an alternative way to make a payment?

  3. Can u email me an alternative to paypal?

  4. hi would like to purchase diet don’t know the coupon code and have difficulty using paypal, is there any other way of purchasing your diet? l live in Melbourne Australia. i apologies now for any inconvience and time you may spend in trying to get get me your diet. sounds really interesting and sounds so easy to do. can’t wait to purchase your diet and start right away.
    thanks for your time

    • Hi Chantelle,

      I sent you an email detailing how to purchase the book without Paypal. I hope you received it! Let me know if I can be of any further help.


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