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3/30 – I just added my Fit Test numbers!!!  See grid below!jim loram, half meal habit, bodyrock, bodyrockers, HIIT

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

3/5 – Hi everyone!  I’m a big fan of and their workouts.  They complement the Half Meal Habit perfectly.  If you’re following the habit, doing these exercises will get you to your goals quite rapidly!

Eventually my plan is to put together my own workout videos and share them with all you Half Meal Habit followers.

I’m going to embark on their 30 day challenge from February and follow it through all of March.  Any thoughts, challenges, recommendations, etc. that pop up, I will add to this page.  At the end, I will post some before and after pictures so you can see the impact that 30 days of the Half Meal Habit combined with HIIT workouts can and will have on you and your body!

Today is the FIT TEST.  I’m going to do some extra ab/core work and bring my total workout time for today to 14 minutes.

Here are my numbers on Day 1:

Exercise Day 1 Reps Day 30 Reps
squat jumps 32 39
push ups 33 38
burpees 12 13
high knees 105 116
switch lunges 32 45
tuck jumps 21 30
tricep dips 25 31
straight abs 20 22

So, I will add my Day 30 numbers in place of the “??” on March 30th! I’ll also add some before and after pics. My hope is that this page gets you motivated to start improving yourself and losing weight!!! 

3/6 – I did a 300 Rep Fat Slaughter pyramid workout (10 reps down to 1 rep) in 23:03.  Time to hydrate and enjoy Snack 1, a protein bar!  My 1/2 lunch is going to be a citrus salad and grilled chicken.  YUM!!!

3/7 – Awesome workout today.  I did Day 3 of the February challenge.  Not too difficult, so I added my Ultimate abs workout for a total time of 19:00 minutes.  Tomorrow…pyramid challenge.  Ugh.

3/8 –  Pyramid workout Hard & Tight today.  Not as bad, although I slightly modified the first move.  23:58 for my total workout time.

3/9Show It Off workout today went great.  I didn’t think I would make it through all of those moves, but pushed!  Weekend off, see you Monday!

3/10-3/11 Weekend off.

3/12– Off.  Not feeling so hot, so I missed today.  I really don’t want to miss a single workout, so I hope I can get them all in.

3/13Bikini Bunny Workout.  Okay, that’s just embarrassing…but it was a great workout.

3/14Commit & Succeed!  I have…and I did!

3/15Do It Like You Workout!  I did!

3/16Hard & Tight!  I did this workout earlier in the month and I LOVED it so I’m glad they brought it back around!

3/17-Happy St. Patty’s Day!  And I did it!  I got all 5 workouts in this week!  Whew!  I was worried I might miss one.  Today was On Fire Legs & Butt and I did the intermediate version.

3/18-Off. 🙂

3/19-Fit Test Day!  Not much of an improvement from before, but that’s okay.  I’m pushing for the end of the month.  I added abs after my workout, too!

3/20-I took today off due to meetings (BAD excuse, but I will make it up for tomorrow!

3/21Sooner or Never.  Could that title be any better for someone who just missed a workout, lol?!?  This one took me 42:46…a bit too long for my tastes, but I powered through.  These pyramid workouts can be BRUTAL.

3/22Turn Up the Music.  Good one, but had trouble with the stand up and jump abs…couldn’t stand up, lol!  Added the abs workout to round it out.  BTW, did the intermediate version.

3/23Lean Muscle Fast.  This was a reps challenge/mostly legs workout.  completed it in 21 minutes.  Added abs here, too!  Nice long workout day today!

I did miss one workout this week, so I’m a little bummed out, but, hey, at least I only missed one!

3/24-3/25– Off, weekend 🙂

3/26Glad You Came.  Great workout today, and those v towel corner slides were TOUGH on the abs and chest!

3/27Roc It Out.  Added my abs routine for a full workout.

3/28Hot Girls Sweat.  Not a girl, but still worked up a sweat, lol.  This was only an 11 minute workout.  Fairly easy.  Maybe I should push myself harder next time?

3/29Live My Life.  This was a 420 rep challenge that I couldn’t complete–ugh! At 43 minutes, I had to stop.  I do NOT consider it a failure, though, because…I WORKED OUT HARD FOR 45 MINUTES!!!  Maybe next time I’m in the “Live My Life” neighborhood, I’ll be able to complete 420 reps instead of only 280.  “Only 280!”  Who am I kidding?  That’s a lot.

3/30-Final Fit Test!  See my numbers in the grid above!  I saw some great improvements and I’m totally thrilled I’m also excited about my body fat % as I can tell it has dropped.  My biggest improvement wasn’t really my rep counts but my cardio capacity.  I know  I’ve made gains simply because I could work straight through most of the :50 seconds without resting on many of the moves. Before, I would do some reps, rest, do some reps, rest. etc.  So, overall, I am happy.  Perhaps I’ll do another fit test end of April and see where my numbers are at that time.

Until then, remember the three simple rules that will change your life: Eat less, move more, and hydrate.  And keep on Bodyrockin!


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