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LOL! You Don’t Need A Gym With H.I.I.T.

What is the best exercise to lose weight?

This is a question asked over and over again and there are many who are willing to answer it for you.  They have DVD’s, workout tapes, exercise plans, and more.  They tell you that they have the best exercise plan around, bring out the “before and after” pictures, and convince you that, yes, their way is THE way.  But in the end, it turns out that their way doesn’t work for you, you get frustrated, and stop the workout plan.  The truth is, they are all lying to you.  Well, that’s a little, harsh.  They aren’t “lying” but withholding the actual truth from you–so they can sell you their DVD’s.

So what is the truth?  What is the best exercise for weight loss?  The answer is:  All or none.  What?  Yes, all or none.  All exercises are best, while NONE of them are, unless you change the way and the amount you’re eating!  And that, my friends, is the actual answer to the question.

Like I talk about in my ebook, the Half Meal Habit, exercise is NOT the most important part of losing weight.  It can play a role–a huge role–in the amount of weight you lose and at the speed you lose it, though.  I go over the “cardio vs. resistance training” argument in detail and explain what the greatest achievement in workout creation is.  I’ll share the latter with you now!

The best exercise to lose belly fat

This is the one area many overweight people struggle with.  The dreaded midsection!  There really is no “spot reducing” magic you can do to lose that fat, so you need to do an overall weight loss approach.  As the pounds come off, you will start to see your ab muscles shine through, and you will be happy with your fat loss overall.

The best exercise for abs is of course crunches or sit ups.  You want to build up the muscles underneath your layer of fat so when you do lose the weight, your six pack will be waiting.  It’s like dropping a six pack of beer in the snow in winter and when spring comes and the snow melts away, you get a six pack!  Hooray!  It will take a little more work than tossing some bottles in a snow drift though.  Sorry.

So, what is the best exercise to lose weight?

I am BIG on doing High Intensity Interval Training because you get resistance and cardio in one short workout.  HARD but short, like 15 minutes!  Do some research on H.I.I.T. and you will see what I mean.  I ALWAYS recommend http://bodyrock.tv as the best source of these kind of workouts, so be sure to peruse their videos.  Here’s a sample one from the Half Meal Habit:


So the KEY to how to burn lower belly fat or over all weight in general is to EAT LESS like taught in the Half Meal Habit.  Add these workouts and get ready to see some awesome results!



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  7 Responses to “Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat for Abs And Over All Weight Loss”

  1. Great post.. healthy eating habits are 80% of the battle. 🙂 I also love the ecard at the top – too funny!

    • Hi Liz! That’s why I focus so heavily on the eating part of the Half Meal Habit, rule 1 Eat Less…the other rules definitely help but 1 is most important. Although the ecard is funny, it’s so true for so many!!! Jim

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself. My weight goes up and down but it does help to eat less and drink tons of water. Any work out is a plus!

    • Hi Jason, Glad you agree! And yes, it starts with eating less and hydrating–add that work out and you’re setting yourself up to WIN!

  3. I find jumping with a weight (about 15 kilos) in my hand to be a very good high intensity workout. Squat jumps x 20 with weights, calf raises x 90 (split into 30 reps with feet at different angles) and then do 20 or 30 lunges. Repeat three times for a quick workout that is equal to about 30 minutes on the treadmill. Really helps for bicycle riding and towing two children in a trailer behind. I didn’t come up with that routine as I think I found a short video on YouTube, but it really suits me.

    • Hi Leigh,
      YouTube is the ultimate source for FREE workouts, that much is true! Sounds like you just described a “Reps & Rounds” routine for legs and it sound VERY thorough! I like the idea of the calf raises, an oft-neglected body part. I might consider adding this legs routine in the 100 days to happiness program I’m making.
      Thank you! Jim

  4. lol – I love that someecard at the top. To funny! Great tips (as usual)!! Also, love your beer analogy. 🙂

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