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Jim is the Half Meal Habit guru. He created this extremely simple to follow eating and exercise program to help himself lose weight, stay thin, and NOT spend hours counting calories or most of his life at the gym or having to starve himself to keep the weight off. Many people have found success following his 3 simple rules: eat less, move more, and hydrate!

Feb 022017

broken scale, scale frustrationLet’s just cut to the chase, friends.  You are fat because you eat way too many calories.  Stop eating so many calories. So, if you’re asking, “How can I get skinny fast?” you now have your answer.

Now, I could end this article here, but you probably have a lot of questions…you know, a lot of “buts.”  So lets dispel some of these “buts” so you can get past the excuses and get you on your way to getting skinny and hopefully on your way to shrinking all of your “butts!”



But #1: But I Don’t Eat A Lot Of Calories!

There’s a good chance you’re not being honest with yourself.  If you say, “I don’t eat a lot but I’m still not skinny!” you’re not paying close enough attention.  You are most likely still consuming too many calories.  Now, if you’re familiar with the Half Meal Habit, you know that we are completely against counting calories.  There’s a ton of reasons why this may backfire and actually contribute to you not losing weight, so we are not recommending that you start counting calories for the rest of your life…(now here’s a but of my own) but if you have the time and energy, try counting your caloric intake just for one or two days.  I can almost guarantee you it’s waaaaaay higher than you think!

But #1 Solution:  Start Eating Less Calories!

One of the best ways to cut back on your caloric intake is to follow the Half Meal Habit plan.  It’s simple and I’ll give you a quick rundown.  First, eat a normal sized breakfast.  Second, have a small snack in between breakfast and lunch.  Third, when you eat your lunch ONLY EAT HALF. Fourth, eat the other half of your lunch midway between lunch and dinner.  And fifth, have a small, sensible dinner or only eat half of your dinner.

It’s that simple. Oh, there’s a lot more detail and motivational information in the book, but this should give you a great start to cutting down your calories.  I’ll demonstrate with a comparison to how you’re probably eating now vs. how it will look following the HMH.

Normal Eater: Breakfast 500, Snack 300, Lunch 1000, Snack 300, Dinner 1000 = 3100 calories total.

Half Meal Habit Eater:  Breakfast 500, Snack 300, Lunch 500, Snack 500, Dinner 500 = 2300 calories total.

That’s an 800 calorie difference, simply by cutting two meals in half!  If you were able to eat like this, you would lose about 1.5 pounds per week.

hungry stomach, always hungryBut #2: But I’ll Feel Too Hungry Eating Less Calories!

True, you might.  But there’s this thing called “overeating” that you–and frequently, I–do sometimes.  And sometimes we do this a few times a week. Or even once a day!  We stuff ourselves full of food (trust me, it’s natural) because it feels good, makes us happy–but it’s also making us fat.  It’s the stretching of your stomach that is the CAUSE of you having to eat so much to get full.  And when you try to eat less, you don’t feel satisfied, you still feel really hungry, and you continue to shovel…the…food…into…your……..mouth.

I know, I’ve been there, and it SUCKS.  But there’s a way to beat this thing.

But #2 Solution: Shrink Your Stomach To Feel Fuller On Less Food!

Another huge benefit to eating these smaller meals is your stomach will lose some elasticity making your body trigger that you’re full on less food.  When you first start eating less food on the Half Meal Habit, you will feel hungry, bu this goes away fast.

Also, you’re eating more frequently than you normally do.  The example shows the normal eater consuming two snacks throughout the day, but usually, we are over-stuffing our gullet at our meals because we don’t have time to stop for a snack. Well, with the Half Meal Habit, you’ll need to make time. it will be worth it. You won’t feel hungry in between, you’ll feel fuller on these smaller meals, and you will start to get skinnier!

Workout meme, restaurant memeBut #3: But I Work Out A Lot, So It’s Okay To Over Eat!

If you are an exercise maniac, but you are still not skinny, there’s something missing in this equation, right? There has to be! And, if you’re honest with yourself, you know what that is…you’re still consuming too many calories.  The truth is, if you work out a lot, you are probably dehydrated more than you are actually in need of additional calories.

If you work out a lot and are not dropping the pounds, another issue might be the kind of work out you’re doing.  You might not be challenging your body enough to make an impact and bring about the change you’re looking for.  If it is an exercise program you love, and you’ll do it for a long time and you don’t want to switch it up, there is an answer.

But #3 Solution: Keep Working Out, Drink More Water, And Follow the Half Meal Habit

It’s great that you have a work out regimen that you like and can stick with.  So, keep it up!  Start to drop your caloric intake with the Half meal Habit and then DRINK MORE WATER!  We recommend drinking a full glass before each meal and each snack.  Of course, drink plenty of h2o while you’re working out.  And why not gulp down a full glass first thing in the morning when you wake up?  I do!

I guarantee you’ll feel less hungry if you up your water intake as significantly as the Half Meal Habit recommends.  Enjoy your workout, your half meals, and your water and you are on your way to getting skinny fast!

Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Get the Half Meal Habit ebook and learn how you can eat less, move more, and hydrate yourself thin. Plus, get THREE BONUS VIDEOS full of more details and tips so you can start with your very next meal! The simplest eating & exercise plan you'll ever see.
Price: $49.95
Price: $6.95
Jun 092014

It’s time to check out the latest installment of P90x!

P90X3,  P90X3 Schedule, P90X3 Diet,  P90X3 Review,  P90X3 ReviewsP90X3

Tony Horton is back and ready to kick your booty into shape.  I was excited to give this routine a try.  As you know I was a HUGE fan of P90x.  That was, until I discovered HIIT workouts, that were 12 to 20 minutes long and super-intense.  When I tried to go back to P90X, I found the workouts too long and I struggled staying motivated and consistent.  Still, I pushed through, did about 60% of the workouts.  That, ah, just doesn’t cut it.

I went back to the HIIT workouts, but designing my own, I wasn’t positive I was hitting all the points I needed to for a complete full body workout and transformation.  Hey, I’m not a professional…and I should not “try this at home” I did anyways.  With the help of http://www.dailyhiit.com/, I was able to mix it up enough to stay interested.  But, again, I missed the complete coverage I knew I was getting from the P90X routines.

Golly, if only there was a P90X workout that was shorter, but just as challenging…

My P90X3 Review

Enter P90x3.  There are some incredible advantages (and very few disadvantages) to the latest P90X workout plan.  Here are some I think you’ll love.

  • 30 Minute Workouts

This is truly the BIGGEST improvement when it comes to this series.  They’ve cut the long workouts down to a highly manageable time frame.  Seriously, knowing you only have to work out for 30 minutes is a very strong motivator.

  • Wider Variety of DVDs

Not that the old workouts got boring, but having such a huge selection of workout routines to do makes it that much easier to get excited about the plan.  It will certainly keep you interested over the long haul.

  • As Difficult As You Want It To Be

I always felt like the older P90X plans had you pushing really hard, almost to the point of dreading the upcoming workout sometimes.  Now, I found when I just couldn’t continue, I could stop, catch my breath, then jump right back in.  In other words, I didn’t fee like I was dropping the ball and missing out.  I could come back in and really nail the last 5 seconds.

There’s more positives, but these are the 3 that really stood out for me.

Now, let’s take a look at the schedule.  Or, should I say SCHEDULES!!!

P90X3 Schedule

There’s more choices when it comes to your fitness goals, too.  There are 4 ways to transform: Lean, Mass, Classic, & Doubles.  Here are the pdf’s for you to peruse (ahem, download!):


P90X3 classic calendar


I am currently in the midst of this calendar.  Okay, I JUST started day 1 today, which is why I’m motivated to write this review.  “But how can he review it if he’s just starting?” you may ask.  Because two weeks ago I wrapped up the plan below!



P90X3 lean calendar

I was incredibly sore and beat up from my previous workout routine, so I wanted to not over do it on my resistance training.  I wanted to get more cut.  BURN THAT FAT!  So I did the above Lean calendar.  I can tell you, I lost about 10 lbs. mostly fat!  My abs are starting to show!  I attribute a HUGE part of that to the way I was eating (Half Meal Habit Phase II, of course!  Coming to you soon!), but this plan certainly gets you burning off the extra calories and goo on your body.


P90X3 Mass calendar

I don’t really have an interest in doing the above Mass calendar.  If you’ve done it, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think about it!


p90x3 Doubles calendar

If you’re an advanced athlete like me–KIDDING!  This one is 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night–eventually.  As you can see, it’s only twice a week for the first block, then elevates from there.  While doing the lean plan, I found myself doing some doubles a couple of times, but not THIS intensely.

As you can see…WOW.  Great variety, full body workouts, all in 30 minutes, plus 2 or 3 minutes for cool down/stretch.

P90X3 Diet

The diet is, again, not the best.  It’s trying to get you to “eat clean” and “diet” but if you know the Half Meal Habit, you know how I feel about these “diets.”  I didn’t try their eating plan, so I can’t review it, but if you’re doing P90X3 AND following the Half Meal Habit, you will see AMAZING results in those 90 days.

The P90X3 Workout DVDs

Of course, THIS is what it’s all about.  Almost all the videos start your 30 minutes with a 2 to 4 minute warm up.  Then you get into the workout proper.  I highly recommend quickly scanning through the videos before trying them, so you have an idea of what’s coming up.  A few times, I found myself having to watch first, stop the video, rewind, then do the move.  This extended my workout by 5 to 10 minutes, depending.

The Bottom Line:  This is not going to be like all those other P90X3 Reviews out there.  I’m not going to review each video.  I don’t want you sitting hear reading about the videos.  I want you to GET UP and DO the videos!

The videos are GREAT.  They are short, but intense.  They are NOT as hardcore as the original P90X–but they can be if you really push hard.  As with anything in life, you get what you give.

And they are only 30 minutes.  There’s no excuse.  Just start.

The Real Skinny On Getting Skinny

If you truly want success with your weight loss and body transformation, you already know the keys:

1.  Be Consistent.  It’s better to do these 30 minute workouts every day than to do an hour, twice a week.  If you miss a day, whatever.  Jump right back in the next day with THAT DAY’S WORKOUT.  Don’t try to catch up.  You’ll get frustrated and quit.

2.  Follow the Half Meal Habit.  Eating less is crucial if you want to succeed.  You do this with the Half Meal Habit.  I’m currently testing HMH Phase II and I can tell you, it’s the next level!  If you’re in the “Habit” already, it’s going to be your next step when it comes to your eating plan.

3.  Sleep and Drink!  Hydration is one of the rules in the HMH, but it is critical to your success.  Sleeping is the other key.  Get those 8 hours of recovery.  Give your body the chance to heal and rejuvenate.

As for P90X3, it is my new FAVORITE workout of all time.  I still love RushFit, too.  I’m not a Beachbody Coach so I don’t get money for promoting it, so I can tell you, if you get the program and do it, you’ll love it.

Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Get the Half Meal Habit ebook and learn how you can eat less, move more, and hydrate yourself thin. Plus, get THREE BONUS VIDEOS full of more details and tips so you can start with your very next meal! The simplest eating & exercise plan you'll ever see.
Price: $49.95
Price: $6.95
half meal habit ebook, how to lose weight, lose weight fast

Also available at amazon.com!


You can also get the book at Amazon by clicking on the picture on the left. I don’t have any way to deliver the bonus videos to you via Amazon, so they are not included in the Amazon purchase.

Apr 012014

why can't I lose weight, how come I can't lose weight, I can't lose weight, stuggling to lose weightWhat you’re about to read is going to shock you and completely change the way you look at the real reason why you are one of the millions crying to yourself, “Why can’t I lose weight ?”  There are a million different diets and workout plans available, yet we are still a nation of fat people.  We put ourselves down because we’re heavy, telling ourselves it’s because we just have no will power. Or it’s because I missed my workout and I’m a lazy slob.  Or due to the fact we ate a cookie last night at 8pm.  None of these reasons are why we can’t drop the pounds.  As a matter of fact, it’s not even your fault if you’re overweight!  There’s something WRONG with us…something VERY VERY wrong with us…

So, Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

The reason why you can’t lose weight is because you have brain damage.  I’m not kidding.  YOUR BRAIN IS DAMAGED!  Let me explain…

For years, you’ve been eating foods and associating the act with pleasure.  You know it’s true.  Hell, I LOVE TO EAT!!!  And since eating equals pleasure, we want MORE.  So we eat more.  We over eat.  And we get fat.

But why is eating such a pleasure?  Because we have trained our brains that this is true.  It’s not our stomachs or our taste buds or our hunger that drives us to over eat…it’s our brain.

Here’s what happens: You get hungry.  Your brain says, FEED ME!  So, as you are feeding yourself, the pleasure centers in your brain feed you dopamine.  THIS is why you feel such pleasure and happiness when eating.  And this is why your brain makes you overeat.

You’re really not craving cheesecake, you’re really craving dopamine.

Yeah, I know.  I’m crazy.  But if you watch the video below, you will see how eating food affects your brain.

The above video is talking about porn addiction, but the narrator also brings up and explains how food affects this part of our brain.  

So, if you are someone wondering, “How come I can’t lose weight?” it’s because of the physical changes in your brain, set up by years of eating and overeating.

  • You eat and feel pleasure from a hit of dopamine.
  • You start to crave that hit of “D” again, so you eat more, again and again.
  • Your brain actually physically changes to allow easy dopamine access via these neural pathways.
  • By doing so, your brain has set up these “pathways of pleasure” from your eating experiences.
  • You’re now addicted to over eating, thanks to the changes in your brain.

why can't I lose weight, how come I can't lose weight, I can't lose weight, stuggling to lose weightWhat am I getting at?  Over-eating and being overweight has nothing to do with your “willpower” or your “lack of exercise” or because you’re a “fat loser.”  This is CRUCIAL for you to understand.  You almost have no control over your food actions since your brain has changed and SET YOU UP TO OVER EAT.  So, let go of the guilt, the depression, the disappointment, the shame, the BULLSH*T.

Your brain is messed up.  This is why so many think, “I can’t lose weight.”  The good news is, your brain is able to change and heal.  Remember, I said “almost no control.”  You can “regrow the grass” over these over eating pathways to pleasure by changing your habits.  Here’s how.

 If You Are Stuggling To Lose Weight, Here’s What You Should Do To Heal Your Brain

1.  Be Positive!  

This is your number one priority.  Get it into your head that YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT!  It’s just going to take a little time.  Or a lot of time.  Either way, you’re going to drop the pounds.  IT WILL HAPPEN!

2.  Get A Plan!

You are going to have to eat less.  You need to get in the habit of feeling good by eating less food.  How are you going to do this?  You can follow the Half Meal Habit.  You can try another diet.  You can come up with your own plan.  Just make sure this plan has you eating less and NOT restricting what you eat!  There are too many reasons to post why restrictive and specific diet plans end up failing you over time (just browse my posts or read the HMH ebook).  You need to eat less calories than you’re burning, period.  Find that plan, and move on to step 3.

3.  Get Mental!

Dieting or eating less is not your top or second or third step.  It’s getting what you need to do ingrained into your brain.   You are changing your lifestyle and your habits.  You are going to do things differently from this moment on (Thanks, Shania), and you’re going to go into “What the hell am I doing again?” mode.  If you get to this point, you will fall back into your old habits–we do not want that.  So, write it out and read your plan every day.  Until you got it…and then some.  OBSESS for a while…it’s okay.

Ingrain Your Brain With Your Plan Until It’s Plain.  Okay, it’s a crappy saying, but it’s what you gotta do!

4.  Get Busy!

Now that you have your plan in place and it’s tattooed on your cerebrum, you need to simply start to follow it.  Be mindful.  Before putting anything in your mouth, THINK:  “Is this helping me or hurting me?”  If you’re following the Half Meal Habit, think, “Is it time for my snack or meal or should I wait an hour?”

Follow your plan as strictly as possible, but don’t beat yourself up if you fail.  You can always continue with your journey at your very next meal!

If you’re working out, remember it’s better to be more consistent than intense.  In other words, it’s better to workout 20 minutes 5 days a week than 1 full hour 2 times a week.  STEADY wins this blasted confounded race.

Half Meal Habit Amazing Diet

It’s time to help as many people as possible, so I’ve cut the HMH from $49, to $9, all the way down to $3.99! Now, EVERYONE can afford the HMH! Let’s GO! (limited time only)

Change Your Brain and Lose The Weight

Remember, every time you eat a little less and feel good about it, you are one step closer to healing your brain.  Those old overeating “pathways to pleasure” will become rough terrain, covered with trees and shrubs.  Your brain will search out other ways to feed you dopamine.  Maybe through exercise.  Maybe from eating a delicious spinach salad.  You’re no longer wondering, “Why can’t I lose weight?”  You just ARE.

Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Get the Half Meal Habit ebook and learn how you can eat less, move more, and hydrate yourself thin. Plus, get THREE BONUS VIDEOS full of more details and tips so you can start with your very next meal! The simplest eating & exercise plan you'll ever see.
Price: $49.95
Price: $6.95
Mar 042014

what to eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose weight fast, what foods to eat to lose weight, what not to eat to lose weight,  what should I eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose belly fatSo, here’s the deal:  

We are all looking for what to eat to lose weight and we do so hoping to find the perfect diet.  We figure all these skinny people must be eating ONLY certain foods ONLY at certain times of the day and ONLY a tiny amount.  That has to be it, right?  If this was true (and it’s not), is this how you would want to live your eating life?  RESTRICTING yourself from EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING that might cause you to gain weight?   You’ll be miserable…and that’s no way to live life.  So, what foods are we going to eat to drop the pounds? (Psst!  Later in the article, I do give you some foods to consider eating instead of that burger over there!)

Eat What You Love, Just Eat Half

It’s how the Half Meal Habit works.  Eating half meals throughout your day will cut anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories per day from your diet–and you won’t go hungry!  I know what you’re thinking…

jurassic park, what to eat to lose weight

Here’s a typical person’s day of eating.

Breakfast 500
Midmorning Snack 300
Lunch 800
Afternoon Snack 400
Dinner 1000
Late Night Snack 300
TOTAL 3300

Sure, the above might be slightly exaggerated, but, honestly, people eat like the above all the time.  Some even grab handfuls of M&M’s or trail mix and that’s not even in there.  So, here’s what happens to your food intake and calorie counts when you start following the Half Meal Habit:

Breakfast 500
Midmorning Snack 300
Lunch 400
Afternoon Snack 400
Dinner 500
Late Night Snack 0
TOTAL 2100

And that’s a BIG breakfast.  So, you’re eating similar sized meals all day and not stretching out your stomach.  This means less food makes you feel more full.  And that means you eat less and don’t feel hungry when you do.  so, if you can start eating HMH style, you will not have to worry so much about WHAT you’re eating, even though eating better and healthier will speed up and aid you with losing weight. 

So, smarty guy, what should I eat to lose weight?

Less.  I know, it’s funny.  Ha ha.  But it’s exactly what you should eat to start losing weight.  Once you get used to eating these small meals, then you might want to take it to the next level.  

If you want to know what to eat to lose belly fat, I was recently commissioned to write an article for a company on this exact subject.  The list below should get you started on the right path when if comes to fat-burning fuel.  

7 Metabolism-Boosting Foods To Start Eating Today

what to eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose weight fast, what foods to eat to lose weight, what not to eat to lose weight,  what should I eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose belly fat


Egg Whites: Egg whites are high in protein and these little guys called branch-chained amino acids.  These acids won’t burn you, but they will aid in the fat burning process.  They are shown to keep your metabolism fuels burning.



what to eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose weight fast, what foods to eat to lose weight, what not to eat to lose weight,  what should I eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose belly fat


Cruciferous Vegetables: Asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and other veggies.  These veggies contain fiber that’s not terribly easy to digest.  This means your body works harder and you end up burning more calories.  Plus, it helps clear out your gutty works.  


what to eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose weight fast, what foods to eat to lose weight, what not to eat to lose weight,  what should I eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose belly fat


Coffee: The caffeine in a cup of coffee can boost your metabolism by 15% or more. That’s good enough reason to have at least cup per day.  I’m on the 2 cup per day minimum plan.  Avoid adding sugar, whipped cream, half and half, or any other fat-laden or sugar-shocking substance.


what to eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose weight fast, what foods to eat to lose weight, what not to eat to lose weight,  what should I eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose belly fat


Whole Grains: Avoiding white flower breads and pastas has been a basic rule for years. The beauty now is so many pastas and breads are made from whole grains that are heavy in fiber. Another challenging byproduct for our bodies to break down, brown rice, natural wheat breads, and steel cut oatmeal are good choices.


what to eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose weight fast, what foods to eat to lose weight, what not to eat to lose weight,  what should I eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose belly fat

Chili peppers band

Chili Peppers:
 The ones on the left, NOT the ones on the right!  Spicy chili peppers contain capsaicin which has been shown to boost your metabolism.  How?  It causes your body to release adrenaline. This, in turn, raises your body temperature and as you try to cool off your body buns fat.  Suck it, red Bull!


what to eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose weight fast, what foods to eat to lose weight, what not to eat to lose weight,  what should I eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose belly fat


Green Tea: A plant compound called ECGC promotes fat burning is found in green tea. Also known as catechins, these antioxidants cause regular tea sippers to burn upward of 100 more calories than the rest of us.



what to eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose weight fast, what foods to eat to lose weight, what not to eat to lose weight,  what should I eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose belly fat


Avocados: As we start to eat better, we might be cutting out bad fats, but we might be depriving ourselves of the good fats, too. Adding avocados to the mix will give us the good fats we need to keep our digestive system running how it should, which means burning food faster.



A Basic Overview Of Food Categories To Eat For Weight Loss

So, if you’re wondering what foods to eat to lose weight, the above list is a good start.  There’s a lot more to add to this list, but then we get too complicated and we start forgetting, start getting frustrated, and we quit.  And we eat donuts.  I’d like to give you a good round basis for what to eat to lose weight fast and start to get cut (if you’re working out doing HIIT or Functional Training).  Here’s the “plan:”

  • PROTEIN:  Chicken breast, turkey meat (ground, breasts, low sodium lunch meats), and fish (tuna, grilled fillets of whatever).
  • VEGGIES:  Any and all, but mainly broccoli, cucumbers, cauliflower, asparagus, celery, and carrots.  Add salad on there, too.
  • CARBS:  None allowed.  I’M KIDDING!!!  Good carbs are brown rice, whole wheat whole grain bread, and potatoes.  Anything that’s high fiber and less processed is good.  But you already know this.  
  • DRINKS:  Water.  Also, water.  And if you want to splurge, try some water.  Oh, and don’t forget water.  Okay, okay….milk is good because it’s high in protein.  Fruit juice is really too sugary, but if you must, try mixing it with some carbonated water like Pellegrino, that way you’re only drinking half.  

That’s it!  Stick to this list and you should have a serious impact on your weight loss.  Note what not to eat to lose weight is not on this list, so anything that’s full of sugar, full of fat, empty caloric beverages and foods, etc. are to be avoided.  What about alcohol?  It’s not good if you want to drop the pounds.  

what to eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose weight fast, what foods to eat to lose weight, what not to eat to lose weight,  what should I eat to lose weight, what to eat to lose belly fatI know, it’s basic info that everybody already knows, but sometimes it all needs to be reiterated.  We need to hear it again so it gets ingrained into our DNA.  I still advocate that eating half meals via the Half Meal Habit is the most effective way to lose weight. This is because if you stick to JUST the above list, you’ll probably get bored and stray.  And if you’re eating full meals of the above and you go off on a “pizza-stravaganza” you’re really going to ingest a ton of calories.  A pizza binge on the Half Meal Habit means half of those calories…so, you know, a half-ton.  Hey, that’s better than eating a whole pizza. 


Feb 282014

I want to know how to lose weightYou are perched on a…perch of some kind, glaring at the sky and screaming this at the top of your lungs, I want to know how to lose weight!!!”  You’re showing signs of frustration because there’s so much misinformation online (which is where you’ve been looking, right?).  Or you find what you think is a solution but it turns out to be “a frustration” instead.  In other words, you try it and it doesn’t really work.  You’re one of MILLIONS of overweight people trying your darnedest to go from  “I want to know how to lose weight fast” to “I KNOW how to lose weight fast!”   It’s time you learn the truth about diets and what you’re really being taught about eating by these so-called “experts–and how it’s wrong, destructive, debilitating, and unscrupulous. Those…bastards.  

I want to learn how to lose weight


I want to lose weight, I try diets, maybe lose a little, then I gain it all back.  Why?”

Because it’s EXACTLY what these diet book hawkers want you to do.  This way, they can come up with another “plan” to sell you; some cockamamie random plan with bizarre restrictions, special foods, and impossible rules.  You’re convinced, This is IT!  Finally!” then you get into the diet.  Maybe it’s going good for a while.  Then, there’s a work function at Hometown Buffet.  They either don’t have the food you HAVE TO EAT or, if they do, it’s sitting right in between the mac & cheese and the brownies.  

“Yeah, I’m just gonna have this lettuce instead.”

Good luck with that.  Anyway, you end up failing and then you move on to the next great diet plan.  Enough of this.  It’s time you know the truth about diets and really learn how to drop the pounds.

I want to learn how to lose weight fast, so…what’s the answer?

The answer is extremely simple:  You’re eating too much.  

I’m kidding, right?  No, I’m serious.  That is the ONLY reason why you’re struggling to lose weight or to keep it off.  It has NOTHING to do with what you’re eating and everything to do with HOW MUCH you’re eating.  

All you need to do is learn how to eat less.  Period.  Get your body used to eating fewer calories per day and you will start to lose weight.  Eat whatever you want, just eat less of it.  This is exactly what the Half Meal Habit teaches and it is the lynch-pin to every single diet plan ever invented.  “EAT ONLY MEAT!”  What are you, insane?  “Don’t eat white carbs!”  But I LOVE white carbs!  Gimmie a bagel with cream cheese and I’m going to eat it and enjoy it.  The key is I’m only going to eat half of that bagel and I’ll eat the other half in a couple hours.

This is your “diet.” This is your plan.  Eat what you love, just eat half now and eat the other half later.  It’s so simple ANYONE can do it.  And it will change your life.

I want to know how to lose weightMotivated to Make The Right Choice

This does not mean what you’ve heard so many times before.  Making the right choice does not mean choosing a carrot instead of a piece of pizza!  Making the right choice refers to how much you choose to put on your plate.  

 Speaking of pizza, recently, there was a story about a guy who only ate pizza for over 25 years and stayed relatively thin.  Not only that, his latest checkup showed he was doing extremely well health-wise.  I don’t recommend you follow the “Pizza Fo’ Life, Yo!” diet plan.  Heck, it sounds incredibly BORING to me as I LOVE so many different types of food.  It’s just another good lesson in the Half Meal Habit mantra, which is it doesn’t matter what you eat, but how much you eat.  

As I said, don’t eat the same food over and over.  I think that’s kind of crazy.  I also think a body functions better when it’s receiving it’s nutrition from a variety of sources.  And I also think making smart food selections (not CHOICES! Do ya hear me?!?!) is a good habit to get into.  I love tucking in to a good salad once in a while.  Give me that skinless grilled chicken breast sandwich on a whole wheat bun.  A thin crust high fiber pizza with olive oil, light cheese, black olives, garlic, and sun dried tomatoes?  Yum!  But good ol’ cheese and pepperoni suits me just fine, too.  But not 5 pieces!  One, maybe two, and I’m full.  

Patience and Consistency 

I hate it but it’s true.  Everybody comes at diets with the “I want to lose weight fast” mentality, but it’s the wrong attitude.  When you start to train your stomach to accept a half-meal as a whole meal, it will “learn.”  Soon, VERY soon, a half meal will fill you up.  Eventually, you will try to binge on a whole pepperoni pizza only to FAIL because you’re stomach is triggering you to STOP because after piece #2 you’re STUFFED.

I want to know how to lose weight fastWow, right?

Once you start following the Half Meal Habit, you are eventually going to start failing at overeating.  How awesome will that be?  The moment you say, “No thanks, I’m actually full!” instead of “No thanks, it against the rules of my diet…I WANT  IT but no, I better not.”  If you are consistent with eating half meals, over time, your body will shed the extra weight.  But it does take time.  And understand that slow steady weight loss is better than rapid fat loss because there’s a much lower chance you’ll gain it all back.  

Oh, you will fail and overeat once in a while.  You’ll eat that entire meal one day.  But if you get right back into the habit the next, you’ll be okay.  You will be right back to cutting 500 to 1000 calories per day by eating these small meals.

Tell those other “diets” to shove off.  The “choice” is HOW MUCH to eat not WHAT to eat.  Soon, your days of overeating and adding weight to your body will be gone.  And when that day comes, it will be glorious.  

Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Get the Half Meal Habit ebook and learn how you can eat less, move more, and hydrate yourself thin. Plus, get THREE BONUS VIDEOS full of more details and tips so you can start with your very next meal! The simplest eating & exercise plan you'll ever see.
Price: $49.95
Price: $6.95


Feb 202014

get a sleek physique, weight lossThe key to successful weight loss and changing your body to get a sleek physique is consistency. Research now shows you will have better success by working out more often, not for long periods of time in one workout. But what if you can’t get to the gym? What if you’re pressed for time and get get that workout in? What if you’re traveling and you’re stuck in a hotel room with no gym equipment? It’s almost impossible to stay consistent nowadays. Since working out more frequently is crucial, it’s important to have an arsenal of exercises and plans you can follow. Here’s the perfect workout plan that uses no equipment–all you need is body weight and commitment!

“Functional Interval Training” Is Your New Best Friend

If you’ve never heard of it, high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) is the best style of workout you can do, if you’re looking to lose weight and change your physique at the same time. Basically, the workout goes like this: Push yourself hard for 45 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds. Repeat 10 to 20 times. It’s that simple.

For example, you could do jumping jacks for 45 seconds, fast and hard, then rest for 15 seconds. Next, you could do burpees for 45 seconds, then rest for 15. Add two more exercises and repeat the whole sequence, and voila! you have a great interval workout. Studies show that working out in this interval fashion burns nine times the amount of fat as regular cardio. That should be reason enough to start!

Adding functionality to interval workouts is what will change your body and help you add lean muscle. Functional workouts utilize multiple muscle groups in one move, thereby burning more calories and affecting change in muscle mass. Put these two together by following the moves below and you will have a workout you can do anyplace, any time that will burn fat fast.

The Workout

Move One: 10 High Knees Plus Jump Squats – Run in place by lifting your knees in front of you so your knees are higher than your waist, for ten repetitions. Immediately do a squat and lift your hands straight out in front of you. From the squat position, jump and turn 180 degrees to do another squat just like the previous one. Jump back around doing one more squat and arm lift, then stand up and do another 10 high knees. This move works your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and shoulders. You don’t have to complete the set, though. Just keep going for 45 seconds then rest for 15 seconds.

Like this, but WITHOUT doing a push up!

Like this, but WITHOUT doing a push up!


Move Two: 10 Horizontal Jumping Jacks Plus Push Up – notice I didn’t say push up jacks?  Get into a push up position with your hands shoulder width apart or more, feet together at the ankles. You should basically be in a plank position with you body straight as a board. Next, jump your feet apart as if you’re doing a jumping jack. DON’T DO A PUSH UP AS YOU JUMP YOUR FEET APART.  Do ten of these. Once you finish with ten, do a two push ups. Repeat. This works your chest, triceps, biceps, and hits your core and abs hard.



how to do a log jumpMove Three: Over The Log Jumps To Front Karate Kick – Back on your feet, stand with your feet together. Pretend as if there’s a big log lying on the ground to your right. Lift your right foot up and jump to your right, and your left foot follows. Land on your right foot and then your left foot. Now, jump back over the log starting with your left foot, landing on your left foot, with your right foot following. Repeat 10 times. After your tenth rep, do a karate kick with one leg then the other. Repeat the whole sequence. You’re working your quads and lower abs.


Move Four: Jog In Place Plus A Burpee – Run in place normally for ten paces, then do a burpee. A burpee works as follows: Jump up in the air with your hands over your head, land gently, then bend over and place your hands on the ground. Jump your feet back into push up position, lower your chest to the ground. As you do your push up, jump your feet back up so you can stand. As you stand, go right back into the jump. Now get back to running in place, and repeat. This is a whole body workout hitting your back, arms, shoulders, chest, glutes, quads…I mean, everything!

how to do a burpee

How To Do A Burpee! 

After move four (and your 15 second rest, of course), start with move one again. Try to repeat the sequence 3 times through (12 minutes) and if you’re not completely falling over, hit it a fourth time for 16 minutes.

There is your full body/sleek physique altering workout, no equipment needed! If you happen to have some dumb bells lying around, you might consider adding curls after the front karate kicks in move three. Doing this workout will aid in your weight loss and change your body quickly.  Adding the Half Meal Habit to your daily life, and you should see incredible results even faster.

Feb 072014

lose pregnancy weight, lose weight after pregnancy, fat loss after pregnancyIf you’re looking to lose weight, especially around your belly after having a child, you don’t have to starve yourself or work out until you drop. If you make a few simple lifestyle changes, you will be on our way to losing weight the right way–and that means keeping it off for good. If you’ve just had a baby, here are three ways to start lose weight after pregnancy, burn fat, and flatten your belly.

1. Eat Smaller Meals Throughout Your Day

You’ve heard this before, right? The idea is sound. Eat smaller meals more frequently and you will boost your metabolism. Your body will actually use the calories you ingest instead of storing them as fat on your body. Your stomach will shrink, feeling fuller on less food.

  • The Problem: Who has time to make five or six meals a day? No one, especially if you have a newborn. This is why new moms tend to fail at this crucial fat loss step.
  • The Solution: Start eating half meals! Eat a normal breakfast. At lunch time, instead of eating your entire lunch, only eat half of it. Save the other half to eat as a snack a couple hours later. Do the same at dinner time. You’ve just eaten 5 meals and prepared 3 or less. If you’re already having a small lunch or dinner, consider adding some higher calorie snacks as one of your meals.

Bonus Tip: Eat as often as your baby (just a little more than your baby!) and your metabolism should skyrocket and help you to lose pregnancy weight.

2. Exercise Consistently

lose weight after pregnancy, lose pregnancy weight, fat loss after pregnancy

 Not harder, but more often.  This tip has been beaten into your head for years. We all know we should work out, but it’s hard to stay motivated and stick with it. 

  • The Problem: Heading to the gym is out of the question with a new bundle of joy at hand. Slipping out to the garage to workout for an hour will never work–even with the baby monitor nearby. We can’t get our work out in with the time we have available.
  • The Solution: HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training. Workouts are anywhere from 8 to 12 minutes and are functional. This means the moves utilize your entire body. You will burn more calories and get cardio and weight resistance training in one workout!

Bonus Tip: It’s better to workout 8 minutes per day for 5 days a week than it is to workout for an hour one day a week. Call these short but intense workouts “baby steps to fat loss!”

3. Drink More Water

This is one of the easiest ways to step up your fat loss, but it’s the one many of us forget about. Eight 8 oz. glasses per day is the MINIMUM and we usually don’t reach that goal.

  • The Problem: We forget to drink. We get wrapped up shopping for baby clothes online or too involved in our day. Suddenly it’s 5:00pm and we’ve had one glass of water.
  • The Solution: Set a timer to go off every two hours. When it does, drop everything (but gently put down baby) and drink a full glass of water. Eventually, you’ll train yourself to drink more regularly. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Bonus Tip: Whenever you’re feeling hungry, you might actually just be thirsty! Try drinking a big glass of water, wait about 10 to 20 minutes, then decide if you still need to eat.

Fat loss after pregnancy doesn’t have to be painful. Follow these tips and you’ll start to make real changes to your body.

Jan 222014

How to Burn Belly Fat Fast for Womenhow to burn belly fat for men, how to burn belly fat for women, how to burn belly fat fast for women, how to burn belly fat fast for men

It is probably the main reason why you’re reading this:  You want to get rid of your belly fat.  If you’re anything like me, you feel like your entire body looks pretty good–except for that nice ab-hiding layer of fat surrounding your midsection.  


First, here’s the bad news.  There’s no such thing as “spot reduction” when it comes to weight loss.  As you start to bur fat and lose weight, it’s going to happen all over your entire body, not just at your midsection.  And to add even more depressing fuel to the fire, your belly fat will most likely be the LAST to go!  


Now here’s some good news.  Most likely, you won’t have to go to the gym and jump on those painful ab machines, do a massive number of sit ups and crunches, or suspend yourself by your ankles to do anti-gravity crunches.  You probably won’t have to spend hours developing your abs because, well, your abs are already there buried under that pesky layer of fat!

So, now what?  Doing a million crunches won’t directly burn the belly fat and no exercise will spot reduce.  You can do what it truly takes to burn belly fat, which is burning more calories than you consume.  

how to burn belly fat for men, how to burn belly fat for women, how to burn belly fat fast for women, how to burn belly fat fast for menHow to Burn Belly Fat for Women

There are a few ways you can start to melt off that subcutaneous layer of adipose tissue.  

CARDIO:  Run, run, run even though it’s no fun, fun, fun!  Doing cardio is a good way to burn extra calories, whether it’s running or working the elliptical or dancing the cha cha.  

HIIT:  My favorite!  Quick short bursts of cardio-inducing energy, followed by a short recovery period will burn more fat in the long run.  Actually it will burn 9 times more subcutaneous fat than steady paced cardio!  

However you prefer to get your cardio in, the key to being successful is two-fold:

1.  BE CONSISTENT!  If you do your cardio only once or twice a week, you will most likely not but the fat fast.  Or slow.  Work out four to five to six days in a row.  Take a rest.  Repeat the following week.  And so on.  Get in the habit of working out consistently, the results will come faster, and it will motivate you to stick with the program.

2.  EAT LESS!  This is THE most important factor when it comes to burning off the fat.  If you’re working out consistently but eating enough to feed your entire neighborhood, you will not only NOT lose weight, but you will most likely GAIN weight.  This is the #1 rule with the Half Meal Habit.  By the way, if you’re eating less and burning more calories than you’re taking in without working out, believe it or not, you will STILL see results!  That is how important it is to eat less.

Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Get the Half Meal Habit ebook and learn how you can eat less, move more, and hydrate yourself thin. Plus, get THREE BONUS VIDEOS full of more details and tips so you can start with your very next meal! The simplest eating & exercise plan you'll ever see.
Price: $49.95
Price: $6.95

how to burn belly fat for men, how to burn belly fat for women, how to burn belly fat fast for women, how to burn belly fat fast for men

Another Small Half Meal That Was Plenty For Me!

How to Burn Belly Fat for Men

how to burn belly fat for men, how to burn belly fat for women, how to burn belly fat fast for women, how to burn belly fat fast for menAlthough there are differences with the male and female physiology, when it comes to burning belly fat, the solution is still the same, but there’s one more tip that will help speed the process.   Okay, there’s two.  

Drink More Water!

Eat less, crank up your heart rate, and last but not least, drink lots of water.  I always try to think that as I drink water, I’m flooding my belly fat and washing it out of my body.  Yeah, yeah, I know that’s completely false, but if motivates me to drink more.

How to Burn Belly Fat Fast for Men

The second tip is WEIGHTS!!!  This goes for MEN and WOMEN.  Add weight resistance to your workouts so you can start to layer on the lean muscle.  Why?  Because lean muscle will burn calories more than that gross fat layer.  And as you now know, when you burn calories, you start burning fat!  And that’s what you want.

Finally, don’t get frustrated if you don’t see results right away.  This takes time!!!  If you’re adding muscle under your fat, you may even feel like you’re getting fatter, but you’re not.   The bigger muscles will push out the layer of fat, causing it to be more prominent.  For now.  That will all change as long as you follow the above guidelines and STICK TO IT!

Oct 072013

Hey, Half Meal Habit friends and followers!  I have some INCREDIBLE NEWS!  It turns out, the world famous Beach Body workout coach, Shaun T, just released a new workout program.  GUESS WHICH EATING PLAN THEY RECOMMEND!!!  It’s the EXACT same eating schedule we use when we follow the Half Meal Habit!  Check it out:

Focus T25,Shaun T, Focus T25 Diet

Of course, their calorie recommendations are a lot lower than mine, but it’s the EXACT SAME PLAN!  Almost.  The HMH is much better, of course!  Seriously, the Half Meal Habit follows the above eating times, but the “plan” is much more detailed and teaches you how simple it is to eat on the above plan.  No choice restrictions or changes to what you’re eating…only “how much and when” you’re eating.  But, I digress…

So, What Is Focus T25?

It’s a 15 week workout plan with a bunch of 25 minute intense workouts.  These are done 5 days a week, although Fridays look like a “double day” where you perform two workouts (50 minutes).  Saturday is a rest day and Sunday is a stretch day.  

I find this program very appealing, especially when it comes to using in within the context of the HMH plan.  If you’ve got a copy of my book, you know that I advocate shorter, high intensity workouts called HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training.  I recommend 12 to 16 minutes of HIIT 4 or 5 days a week versus an hour workout 2 times a week.  The main reason is, working out will not get you to lose weight.  Let me repeat that: working out will not get you to lose weight.  How you eat is what makes all the difference in the world when it comes to losing weight! 

Here’s why I like Focus T25:  It’s short.  It’s intense.  It’s basically an extended HIIT workout!  So, going through this workout program would fit right in with following the Half Meal Habit eating and workout plan.  It’s always a good idea to mix up your workouts and the moves you do within those workouts, so switching it up by adding this program to your regimen would be a good thing.

Wait, isn’t this the same thing as that insanity workout?

The difference with the t25 workout is it’s length.  So far, I see that they have used many of the same moves, and why not?  The Insanity program is intense and definitely works. So does P90X.  So does just about any workout DVD.  The only difference that matters to me is it’s length!  

I get burned out when I have to workout for 60 minutes, 75 minutes, 90 minutes, etc.  I might stick with it for 3 workouts in a week, but never 5 or 6!  I’m just too beat up and tired to workout for that long, that often. I’ll just give up and quit.  But 25 minutes?  I can do HIIT workouts 6 days a week at 16 minutes a piece.  25 minutes isn’t that much more of a stretch.  

Right now, I’m doing my own workout program until December 25th.    My plan is to start Focus T25 on Monday January 6th, 2014.  I plan on reporting back to you, my Half Meal Habiteers, on the quality and cohesiveness of this workout DVD system.  Until then, keep eating half!

Okay, I’ve adjusted my calendar and I am going to start Focus T25 today!  Let’s see how this workout plan works with the Half Meal Habit!

Focus T25

1. Cardio DVD

Okay, so you don’t have to watch the video if you don’t want to, I just completed the first workout and it’s great.  Easy to do, there’s a person doing modified versions if you get tired, and it’s (my favorite) SHORT.  The cool down is a little too short for me so I spent some extra time stretching at the end.

If you’re starting this workout series and haven’t done others, you might find this really hard and discouraging.  DON’T DO THAT!!!  Do your best to follow the hard moves by those fit freaks of nature, then when it gets too difficult, switch to the modified version by  the brunette girl from the Insanity videos.  And if THAT’S STILL too hard (which it actually was for me once or twice!), just lightly jog or march in place for a while.  

Either way, JUST KEEP MOVING FOR THE 25 MINUTES!  That’s the main thing.

MAIN ISSUE WITH THE WORKOUT:  For me, anyway, it was how hard the moves hit my calves.  OUCH.  I hope I’m not too sore tomorrow as I want to do the second DVD workout.  Until then, eat less, move more, and hydrate!

2.  Speed 1.0 DVD

Yup, my calves were sore and a little crampy.  Still, I am going to be a trooper and do the workout anyway.

Kinda weird workout with segments of quick cardio moves, then shifting to stretching and balance.  I guess the variety of moving fast then stopping gives you that interval feel, but it will take a little while for me to get used to it.  

Once again, my calves were on fire half way through, so I did a quick jog in place on some of the fast–VERY FAST–criss-cross feet moves.  I’M SLOWING DOWN IN MY OLD AGE, THAT’S FOR SURE!!!  🙂


MAIN ISSUE WITH THE WORKOUT:  The super-fast criss-cross feet-moves!  SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE “H”?!?!  Who do they think I am, Gregory Hines?   um, he’s a tap dancer for those who don’t know.  We will see if my speed increases.

3.  Total Body Circuit DVD

Hardest workout so far–although I’m only on the third one.  What’s tough about this one is it takes you from resistance training (adding lean muscle mass on yer skel-skel) to cardio.  When a workout does that, it’s very exhausting!!!  I found myself pushing hard for the first 20 seconds or so of each segment THEN resting for a few seconds, THEN pushing out another rep or two before Shaun T changes it up.  

Don’t beat yourself up if you couldn’t keep up with this one.  I’ve been doing these DVD workouts for a few years now and I had a hard time.  

MAIN ISSUE WITH THE WORKOUT:  It hit my core pretty hard, so I know I’ll be sore tomorrow for the Ab Intervals DVD…Might be an issue.  If not, then there’s really no issue with this workout.  I likey!

4.  Ab Intervals DVD

Yes, this certainly does focus on the abs!  All I have to say is, THANK GOD this is an alpha foundation phase.  I had a hard time with a few of the moves, but I did manage to do several reps in each little segment before lending myself a helping hand.  

I will say that the Total Body Circuit DVD hit my core pretty hard and I had a little stiffness (a GOOD muscle tightness, nothing too ridiculous like with P90X) so I thought I might struggle greatly doing abs today.  This DVD moves quickly through moves and pushes you right to the brink without tearing up your midsection too much.  

Also, there’s a lower and upper back segment that was GREAT.  You rarely see this area focused on with the abs DVD’s out there, so it was refreshing and seriously needed by me!  Lower back strength is a weakness of mine and this will be helping me immensely!

One more workout DVD for this week and for the Alpha phase!  I will be linking to a new article for the next phase of the Focus T25 DVD workouts, BETA!

5.  Lower Body Focus DVD


(Coming Soon) Click Here To Watch And Read My Reviews Of The Focus T25 Beta DVD’s!



Jun 032013

Weight Loss Motivation

This affected me today:

(Warning: Adult Language…although used properly and powerfully)

motivational quotes, inspirational quotes

I am now in a place where I don’t have to lose any more weight to look thin.  But I was THERE and I know how much it SUCKS.  I know how hard it is.  I know you’re making some HARD CHANGES and trying to break old bad habits.

And I couldn’t be more proud or more inspired by you!

If you’re just starting off on a weight loss journey, struggling to press on, or simply thinking, “Why even bother?”, this post is for you.

Motivational Quotes For Weight Loss

If you’ve got a copy of the Half Meal Habit eating and exercise plan…

If you’ve read it and are going to start following it…

If you’ve already started it and are wondering if it works, if it’s worth it, if you should continue to even try…

If you’ve been “dieting” and “working out” for weeks and are barely seeing any results…

If you’re getting frustrated and are about to just give it and go back to “life as usual…”

Stop.  Understand this: That is not YOU anymore.

You used to overeat.  You used to refill your plate.   You used to drink sugary sodas instead of water.  You used to sit on your ass all day and not take 12 minutes to work out.  That is not YOU anymore.

The moment you educated yourself with the Half Meal Habit or any other informational product on “diet” and “exercise” is the moment you became SMARTER about food.

You know this will work….It just takes time.

inspirational quotes, motivational quotes

“This diet or exercise plan isn’t working.  I’m wasting my time!”

The biggest struggle I had was being patient and not seeing results immediately.  We live in an age where we expect to “get ripped in 60 days!”  Although this is possible, it is NOT the norm.  So understand that YOU WILL SUCCEED!  It’s just going to take time and patience.

motivational quotes, inspirational quotes

“I blew my diet, I didn’t work out, I had 4 beers, I QUIT.”

I FAIL ALL THE TIME.  But since you now have patience, you know that you can’t lose a bunch of weight in a day, so therefore, you can’t GAIN a bunch of weight in one day!  If you mess up, don’t feel down or depressed about it. Dust yourself off and try again.  NOT TOMORROW EITHER!!! Try again with your very next meal.  Try again with your next DECISION.  You might even have two bad meals for two days in a row.  Just try not to have two bad meals twice in a row in a day.

The main point is this:  You will miss a workout because you’re tired or lazy or simply too busy.  Hell, I’m procrastinating on my workout right now by writing this!  But, dammit, I WILL work out as soon as I hit “publish!”

Now, read this picture and feel better about yourself so you can just KEEP GOING!

motivational quotes, inspirational quotes

“I keep giving up and I’m not motivated to really follow a plan or work out.”

Again, it’s all about choice.  We all want instant gratification but that isn’t how it works.  YOU KNOW THIS.

Making the best choices possible more often than not is all it takes!  

Yes, the more you mess up the longer it will take to drop the pounds, but if you continue to TRY you will SUCCEED!

Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Half Meal Habit by Jimmy Loram
Get the Half Meal Habit ebook and learn how you can eat less, move more, and hydrate yourself thin. Plus, get THREE BONUS VIDEOS full of more details and tips so you can start with your very next meal! The simplest eating & exercise plan you'll ever see.
Price: $49.95
Price: $6.95

Don’t like eBooks?  no problem.  Softcover now available!

half meal habit, how to lose weight

“I just don’t feel like it.  Over eating and not exercising is (fill in the blank).”

Why are you eating so much?  Why are you not exercising today?  Let’s have some fun with this sentence and see how stupid our brain sounds when we make these choices:

  • Over eating and not exercising is GREAT.  
  • Over eating and not exercising is GOOD FOR ME.  
  • Over eating and not exercising is THE BEST CHOICE.  
  • Over eating and not exercising is THE NORM.  
  • Over eating and not exercising is HOW EVERYONE SHOULD LIVE THEIR LIVES.  

Do you see how dumb we sound when we verbalize our choice to overeat and not exercise?

Now switch out “overeating and not exercising is” with “eating less and working out is” and tell me…doesn’t that sound more logical?  Come on, Spock!  You know it does!

  • Eating less and working out is GREAT.
  • Eating less and working out is GOOD FOR ME.
  • Eating less and working out is THE BEST CHOICE.
  • Eating less and working out is THE NORM.
  • Eating less and working out is HOW EVERYONE SHOULD LIVE THEIR LIVES.



“This is taking too long!  I need to lose weight by the summer/the fall/Christmas/Monday.”

Places Worth Going

“I can’t break my old habits!  I love eating!  I love eating a lot!  I love eating a lot of food a lot!”

motivational quotes, inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes and posters may help but you know it all comes from your own choices.

And as you start to see success in yourself (which motivates you even more!), or if you’ve lost all the weight you want, remember that place you were not too terribly long ago.  Remember the frustration and heart ache and PAIN you were in.  Remember the struggle to get started, the struggle to keep going, and the battle you fought WITHIN YOURSELF to get to where you are.  And remember that Facebook post from the beginning of this article.

motivational quotes, inspirational quotes

Half Meal Habit followers…YOU F*$&ING ROCK.

motivational quotes, inspirational quotes