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Nom, nom, nom...

Southern style cookin’ boy!  Yippy, yip-yip, yum-cha!  One of the best proponents of this type of cooking is good ol’ Paula Deen herself.  She loves to dish out the latest when it comes to high fat, high carb, supposedly bad for you meals.  She was recently diagnosed with diabetes, so this just proves that her recipes are bad for you, right?  My question is, are you sure?  Are the Paula Deen recipes really to blame for her heaviness and health problems?  Most would say yes.  We here at the Half Meal Habit are not most people so, we will beg to differ.  Actually, we won’t beg, we will just go ahead and differ.

Food network Paula Deen is not the devil (although she does look scary at times)

So many people are looking for something or someone to blame for their physical state.  This kind of thinking is, of course, asinine and harmful, especially to the person in this frame of mind.  I hear them saying, “If only she would create healthier recipes, I wouldn’t be so fat,” or “McDonald’s needs healthier choices,” and even, “The Food Network should be sued for putting this stuff on the air!”

Here’s the thing…Paula didn’t force you to make her recipes.  Also, she didn’t use mind control to push you into eating two full heaping plates of her fattening food.  No, you did that all on your own.  Quit blaming others when it’s YOUR choices that are causing you to be the person you are right now.  It’s nobody’s fault but your own.

Here’s a video about how to eat Paula Deen food and still lose weight

But I have proof.  Her new product lines!

Paula Deen, Paula Deen recipes, Paula Deen furniture, Paula Deen cookware, Paula Deen restaurant, food network Paula Deen

Change this from "pork chops" to "pork chop" smothered in gravy, cut everything else in half, and you'll be just fine

I can understand adding Paula Deen cookware but Paula Deen furniture?  Is this further proof that she’s trying to get away from her fattening recipes?  Perhaps.  I think, any way you can branch out and become more successful the better.  That’s why we would like to introduce you to the Half Meal Habit’s “School For Artists Who Don’t Draw So Good!”  Seriously, though, you will find many people pointing to Paula’s new product lines as a result of backlash from making people fat with her food.

It might be a strategic move for her and her industry, but it still goes back to you and the choices you’re making.  Besides, the Paula Deen restaurant is still alive and well and not being shut down, is it?

What to do instead of whining

You don’t have to stop making you favorite Paula Deen recipes to lose weight.  I love fattening Southern style cooking and will continue to eat what I want–and still stay thin.  It’s not WHAT people are eating (i.e. Paula Deen meals, Burger King, spoonfuls of Crisco–okay, that last one might be a good reason), it’s HOW MUCH of it they are eating.

I have been OFF the Half Meal Habit this past week, just to remind myself what a normal eater goes through.  Now, normally, I will eat my half meal of about 400 to 500 calories at lunchtime.  By 3pm or so, I’m pretty hungry, ready to eat again.  Yesterday, for lunch, I had an 880 calorie burger. Guess what?  I was hungry 3 hours later.  So I ate an extra 400+ calories and STILL needed to eat 3 hours later!

Stop doing this to yourself.  Learn the Half Meal Habit technique and cut anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories out of your diet PAINLESSLY every single day.  How are you NOT going to lose weight following this plan?

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By the way, today I’m having an In-N-Out burger and fries.  And guess what?  I’m going to eat half for lunch and half for my snack 2.  And I’m going to save myself about 800 calories today.  So, enjoy your Paula Deen meals, just eat half.  It works!



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  2 Responses to “Are The Food Network Recipes Of Paula Deen Making You Fat? Why Add Furniture and Cookware?”

  1. Yeah I make some of Paula’s dishes every once in a while. They are usually pretty good but they do have tons of calories. Only make them every once in a while because of that fact.

    • Hi Kyle, Yes they do have a ton of calories, but you can always follow the half meal habit, enjoy her recipes, and not feel guilty about it!

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